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8 Offline Android Ball Games, Free to Play from Anywhere!

The various types of sports in the world have inspired game developers to virtualize them. However, no sports-themed game can surpass the popularity of soccer games. Before the era of smartphones, soccer games were often played on devices such as PCs and consoles. Since Android-based phones are now rampant, football fans can now play soccer games on their devices without the hassle.

If you’re looking for soccer games on the Google Play Store, there’s definitely a choice of games that can be played online on line or offline. Don’t want to spend internet quota just to play? Here are eight android ball game offline which you are free to play anytime and anywhere!

Real Football

real football game android ball offline

After releasing the game on macOS and iOS devices, Gameloft launched Real Football for Android smartphones in 2012. Real Football offers good 3D graphics, from the stadium area, shadows, detailed textures, to the people in the stands. Players can watch multiple camera beams during cutscenes thus enriching the sensation of playing mode firstperson.

Gameplayit’s also fairly simple. You can create a team by recruiting soccer stars through the lottery system. Then, to increase abilities, players can collect skill items obtained from lotteries and competitions. Supporting facilities such as hospitals, physiotherapy centers, youth camp, and the stadium can be upgraded. If you want to appear on the leaderboards, you can play PvP World Arena mode with other players!

Flick Shoot 2

flick shoot ball game offline

Flick Shoot 2 is android ball game which is quite light, with an initial size of about 50 MB. The game, which has been downloaded more than 20 million, offers a great soccer game. You can linger playing Single Player mode, Mini Games, and various interesting missions. Flick Shoot 2 has controls, realistic animations, and pretty solid 3D graphics.

Single Player is divided into six different modes, namely Practice, Time Attack, Not Miss, Dribbling, Challenge, and Arcade. Even though it’s a game without quota, you have to turn on an internet connection to try out competition modes such as Tournaments and Multiplayer. The customization also varies, from the design of the ball, players, shoes, to the jersey. Flick Shoot is available in Turkish, German, Italian, English, Russian, Spanish and Portuguese.

Head Soccer

head soccer game android offline

Want to play a ball game with unique characters? Try D&D Dream’s Head Soccer! There are 86 characters with different special abilities. The attraction of this game is that the character designs are similar to caricature works, namely small bodies and big heads.

The control buttons on Head Soccer are also designed to be quite flexible. In addition to moving your character to the side, you can also jump, kick, and take out your mainstay moves. Comes with seven game modes, namely Head Cup, League, Survival, Arcade, Fight Mode, and Death Mode. Of course, these modes will accompany you in your spare time.

Dream League Soccer

dream league soccer offline ball game

The next game is Dream League Soccer, one of the best android ball game which was released by First Touch Games in late 2011. Entertain yourself with a fresh look and the latest features in this game. You can build your dream team by choosing from over 4,000 FIFPro licensed players, such as Roberto Firmino and Kevin De Bruyne.

Dream League Soccer is powered by impressive animations, 3D player movement and artificial intelligence. You can also customize the outfits and hairstyles of team managers, coaches, and soccer players. Improve your playing skills by trying out 8 divisions and 10 championship competitions. To play this game, don’t forget to provide about 400 MB of storage space, OK!

FIFA Mobile Soccer

fifa mobile offline ball game

EA Games recently released the popular soccer game on Android version, namely FIFA Mobile Soccer. The game’s initial size of about 91 MB is one of the Android soccer game Favorite on Play Store. Build a dream team and play with friends and the best teams in the game. Choose your favorite league and join over 50,000 players, including Phil Foden from the Premier League, Gio Reyna from the Bundesliga and Alessandro Basto from Serie A!

FIFA Mobile Soccer offers a variety of interesting modes. For the Mini Game, there are dribbling, one-on-one, and penalty shootout modes. The Full Game mode is more exciting and challenging. This game concept turnbased so you and your opponent must complete the round in turns.

Pro Evolution Soccer

pro evolution soccer ball game

Football game fans are certainly no stranger to Pro Evolution Soccer (PES). The game developed by Konami since 1995 is now available in the Android version. Since 2010, PES has always held official electronic sports competitions (eSports). You can play singles (1vs1) or trios (3vs3). What’s unique about this game is the goal-celebration feature that players can use. PES is spread in 62 countries, including Indonesia, and is translated into 19 languages.

World Soccer League

world soccer league games offline

Next, there is the World Soccer League developed by Mobirix. The game released in 2022 has a size that is light enough so that it is suitable for small capacity smartphones. Players can enjoy four different modes, namely Training, Cup, League, and Exhibition. There are more than 2,000 players, 60 clubs and 60 national teams in the World Soccer League. Uniquely, you can take pictures and record exciting moments while playing this game, lo!

Ultimate Soccer – Football

33-8 Youtube

Another lightweight soccer game without consuming quota that you can play. Ultimate Soccer -Football offers the fun of playing ball with a fast-paced style of play, realistic appearance, and a stunning atmosphere. More than 1,000 players are available to support you in creating the formation and tactics you want. In addition, Friendly, Career, and World Cup modes are also available.

That’s eight android ball game offline who can accompany you anytime and anywhere. You can have fun without the hassle of an internet connection! Is there a game you’re interested in among the options above? Or have you played one of them? Write your answer in the comments column, yes!

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