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7 Strongest Free Fire Characters, Which is Your Hero?

Of the many esports, the name Free Fire is quite classy among fans mobile games. Because, games This one combines two genres, namely third person shooter (TPS) and battle royale.

Garena as the company that produces Free Fire designs games war by gathering 50 players. Players enter into a vast map where they have to kill each other. Whoever survives to the end is the winner.

Gameplay what is carried is also familiar to you genre lovers battle royale. Free Fire Characters Start the game by boarding a plane and freefall. Then, each player is tasked with finding weapons and medical equipment. This will be a provision when you have to fight against other players on a survival mission.

So, what is the important key to winning the battle in Free Fire?

The Importance of Knowing Free Fire Characters

To survive, you need to have a number of abilities and war skills. Relying on calm and luck when playing is one thing, but more importantly how to choose the best Free Fire character.

Before discussing the character, it’s a good idea to understand the game mode. There are three modes, namely solo, duo, and squad. In solo mode, you play alone with one goal: to survive the onslaught of 49 other players.

In duo mode, you can rely on other Free Fire characters to play as a team. This player has the ability to resurrect fallen comrades. There are 25 teams in total when you choose duo mode.

Meanwhile, Squad mode requires you to play in a team with a maximum of 4 players. Players also have the ability to heal fallen friends. In total there will be 52 players or about 13 teams if you choose this mode.

Therefore, knowing Free Fire characters be part of the strategy in winning the battle. Already 28 characters released games These include Jota’s character who was inspired by the famous Indonesian actor, Joe Taslim. Most of the characters come with special abilities so you can take advantage of their skills while fighting.

The Strongest Free Fire Character

Each character has their own background story. Anything that has a story behind it, is sure to build a personal bond between you as a player and the character. However, make sure you really rely on the best Free Fire characters to achieve the main mission.

To make it easier to meet your hero, see the list Free Fire characters The strongest version of UniPin follows.


free fire character

The title of special agent will remind you of Laura. This 24-year-old girl has a great shooting ability, you know. Every time he takes aim at the enemy, he is able to increase the accuracy of the shot so that it is right on target.

Skills Laura’s passive was clearly a dangerous threat to the enemy. However, you need to escort it with skills which is no less capable of determining the location when they want to target the enemy. If you like long-range combat, Laura’s character can be a mainstay.


cool free fire character images

Who would have thought behind the cute stature of a 17-year-old girl, hidden passive agility skills deadly? That’s what you can find from the character Caroline, a girl who was born into a rich family and is popular at school.

The figure of an ordinary teenager yawned as soon as he descended into the battlefield. Caroline is skilled in close combat, but is also skilled at running fast while holding a weapon shotgun.


best free fire character

It’s not wrong if you guess Hayato still has the blood of a samurai legend. This 20-year-old man turns out to have a secret ability that will make it difficult for enemies when dealing with him directly.

He is good at fighting rarely close to skills Mainstay Bushido. uniquely, skills it appeared when Hayato’s blood was critical. He can definitely be counted on to unlock battles thanks to his solid defensive abilities. So, Hayato deserves to be an option if you play Squad mode.


new character ff

FF’s new character This one has an interesting story. Miguel is a 26-year-old man who works as a soldier in the elite troops. Miguel’s Crazy Slayer Skills popular because it helps players get extra Energy Points every time you kill your opponent.

Especially if skills is at the peak level, you will pocket the points in high numbers. As a result, Miguel can be very tough when fighting or defending. You don’t have to worry about medical kit thanks to Miguel’s toughness.


cool ff character

Cool Free Fire character images you can meet through the figure of Paloma. This 28-year-old woman is told that she grew up in a poor country. He has ambitions to one day conquer the world with his own hands.

Ability to accommodate a myriad of ammunition Assault Rifle without reducing inventory capacity so Paloma’s strength. You are free to carry various items without worrying that the bag will be full. If you like to play with style Snipe, Paloma’s character is worth a try.


best ff character

The speed enthusiast is identical to the figure of Misha. This 19-year-old girl works as a reliable racer. Race Queen is Misha’s nickname because she is always able to conquer the streets flawlessly.

Afterburner Skills opens up Misha’s opportunity to drive much faster with great defensive power. The vehicle ridden by this girl also often serves as a lethal weapon to destroy enemies on the battlefield.


strongest ff character

Hobby of mabar with the Squad? Alok’s character deserves to be your hero. He is a character type support with passive skills which is known as Drop the Beats. Through that skill, Alok is able to improve movement speed and regenerates team members’ lives within 5 meters.

This makes Alok suitable for those of you who carry a playing style defense nor offence. For example, when you increase the movement speed of a team member, you can flanks suddenly. Likewise when you attack, Squad members can pocket HP regeneration.

That’s the row Free Fire characters strongest version UniPin. Of the seven characters, which one is your mainstay? Share here come on!

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