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7 recommended Pokemon games for Android for those of you who claim to be Pikachu fans

Pikachu is the favorite character in the Pokemon anime. One of the main reasons is that the pikachu has a cute and adorable appearance. Through various games pokemon android, you also have the opportunity to play the cute Pikachu character to your heart’s content. Interestingly, there are many games Pokemon-themed that you can find on the Google Play Store.

Curious about the game pokemon android what can you try? For reference, here are 7 options games cool pokemon that you can play until satisfied.

1. Pokemon Go

pokemon android

Make sure you Download Pokemon Go APK if you claim to be a true fan of Pikachu. Games made by Niantic is a games most popular pokemon. Not only among Android device users, but also has high popularity in Apple’s App Store. Even, games This was once one of the most popular games in the world.

When download Pokemon Go APK, you can play like a pokemon trainer in the real world. You can hunt rare pokemon or unique pokemon. Not only that, Pokemon Go uses technology augmented reality which encourages users to explore many places to be able to collect all the pokemon in the pokedex list.

Games Pokemon Go offers an overall experience like a Pokemon trainer. You can’t just get new pokemon by catching them in the wild. However, you also have the opportunity to get new Pokemon by hatching eggs.

Then, how to get pokemon eggs in the game? games Pokemon Go? You’ll find them randomly appearing in PokeStops. After successfully getting eggs, you need to incubate them using an incubator. An egg that takes a very long time to hatch, indicating that it contains a rare pokemon.

2. Pokemon Home

download pokemon go apk

Next, you can install Pokemon Home Android. Unlike Pokemon Go, Pokemon Home is not actually a game games Android that you can play to fight with other pokemon. However, this application is add-ons for games Pokemon on Nintendo Switch, namely Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield.

By using Pokemon Home Android, you can be more satisfied playing games Pokemon on Nintendo Switch. This application allows you to exchange Pokemon with each other gamer other. In addition, there is also the opportunity to obtain mystery gift. By using this application, you will have no difficulty completing the pokedex collection.

3. Pokemon Masters EX

pokemon master android games

Choice games pokemon android Another fun thing is Pokemon Masters EX. Games it offers a different way of playing, done in groups. You need to form a team of 3 trainers with their respective pokemon. Next, you can build a team that has the strongest pokemon combination.

Pokemon collection in games The Pokemon Masters EX that you get doesn’t only come from other trainers who are partners. However, you can also get new pokemon by hatching them. You can get a reward in the form of a new pokemon egg from Professor Bellis when completing a battle in a certain area.

4. Pokemon Playhouse

pokemon playhouse android

Game recommendations pokemon android Another fun thing is Pokemon Playhouse. Different from choice games the previously mentioned pokemon, Pokemon Playhouse is aimed at children. Games This not only provides an exciting game solution for them, but also has an educational element.

Past games In this way, you can invite children to explore the world of Pokemon in a fun way. Each player will get a pokemon egg that will hatch when invited to explore the Pokemon Playhouse. After that, you can also invite your children to learn how to take care of Pokemon like pets.

5. Pokemon Quest

pokemon quest android

You can get interesting adventures that are no less exciting when you play games Pokemon Quests. Games pokemon android It has a gameplay similar to Pokemon Mystery Dungeon. However, the display design of this game offers uniqueness with a touch similar to Minecraft.

In game pokemon android In this way, you can collect as many types of Pokemon as you can. You can also train them so they can fight stronger. It’s not enough to stop there, there is also the opportunity to build a campground and decorate it according to taste.

6. Pokemon Magikarp Jump

pokemon magikarp jump android

Different when you Download Pokemon Go APKa game titled Magikarp Jump is intended for fans gamer casual. Games it offers a relaxed and less stressful way of playing. Also, you can’t play Pikachu here either. Instead, only the option of playing pokemon magikarp is available.

Among lovers games Pokemon, Magikarp is known as one of the weakest Pokemon. This character has skills very limited. Even so, magikarp can evolve into one of the most feared strongest pokemon, namely gyarados.

In games In this case, you only need to move the magikarp to jump as high as possible. You can also level up and make magikarp evolve into gyarados. It’s just that, when it turns into gyarados, you can no longer play it and have to look for new magikarp.

7. Pokémon TCG Online

pokemon trading card game

As well as games pokemon android As already mentioned, Pokemon TCG Online is an application that you can download for free on the Google Play Store. However, this game will not present a pokemon battle like games other. Instead, you will find that Pokemon TCG Online is like a combination of Yu-Gi-Oh and Pokemon.

Pokemon TCG Online is games which gives the experience of fighting using Pokemon cards. You need to build a strong card deck so you can beat your opponents. You can practice card battles against the computer or compete with others gamer from all over the world. The more you fight, the more skilled you become and have an invincible card deck.

Option to play games pokemon android very diverse, right? You can try serious and challenging games or choose games relaxing to fill spare time. Have fun playing and have fun, yeah!

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