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7 Recommended Online Cooking Games for All Ages

Spending time at home after completing all the obligations often creates a sense of boredom. Especially when we can’t move outside due to social restrictions during the pandemic. This of course makes us always looking for new activities to pass the time. One of them is by playing games.

Passing Time Playing Games

android cooking games

If first games synonymous with children, nowadays games it is a form of entertainment that can be enjoyed by all ages. Especially since the development of technology is so fast and games can be played from various gadgets. Because the target market is wide, genre games on the market is increasingly varied.

Games also no longer present in the form of 2D or 3D animation, but also digital graphics with resolution and an increasingly exciting gaming experience. This is why most people nowadays use their spare time to play games in gadgets.

Online Games on Android and PC

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Besides games in the form of an application, we can also play games which operates independently on line via PC or smartphone like iOS and Android. Different from games application form, online game usually offers a more enjoyable gaming experience.

We also have the opportunity to compete and get to know the players games from any part of the world. rise level the game of course makes people more creative and have skills good play. This kind of phenomenon makes online game recognized as a sport.

Even in some countries, the players games on line often participates in the ability competition which later became known as E-Sport. Despite the development games so fast, we can still enjoy this game casually. One of them is by choosing online game with genre suitable for all ages.

Recommended Game Genres for All Ages

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It’s only natural games not only about fighting skills just. Sometimes we need too games light that can be enjoyed by everyone from children to the elderly. If you’re looking for a genre games fun, here are some recommendations:

Farming Games

Games This is usually synonymous with farming and caring for livestock. The points earned come from how big our digital agriculture and livestock produce. Usually games this kind has user interface simple with easy-to-understand menus.

Players just need to manage their digital farm well so they can earn some rewards or occasionally feel a little “loss” which we can think of as challenge to finish the game well and reach the highest level.

Brain Games

The Brain Game genre comes in various levels and levels of difficulty. So just choose the one that suits your interests and age. Theme gamesIt’s also quite varied, such as puzzle, mazepuzzles, detective gameschess, scrutiny, to the simplest such as guessing pictures.

Cooking Games

Besides Farming and Brain games, cooking games also includes games that can be played by all ages. It’s not the time for us to hear the opinion that cooking games online synonymous with women. All gender can still enjoy games This kind of thing is because along with the development of various technologies, cooking games even more varied.

So, which genre? games your favourite? For those interested in cooking gamesbelow are some recommendations for reference.

Recommended Online Cooking Games

cooking game recommendations

Sara’s Cooking Class

Online game This includes one that can be played via PC or Android. Sara’s Cooking Class is also known as online game cook cake or online game cook sushi because the menu that is played is quite diverse. The fun thing is, we only need to move our fingers and cursor to process food ingredients according to the instructions given by Sara.

Cooking Mama

As online game cooking SaraCooking Mama is not only available in versions on line but also offline in app smartphone. In addition to being taught to cook various food menus, at Cooking Mama we will be taught how to manage a restaurant.

Rewards at Cooking Mama we can get it if we follow the right way of cooking and are able to manage a restaurant well. Online game cooking Cooking Mama can we install by downloading the application on the Playstore or Apple Store.


Different from two games Previously, at Papa’s, we were invited to manage a restaurant that sells various fast food. To seek games the method is quite easy, we just need to enter keywords as online game cook pizza or online game cook ice cream. Papa’s will usually appear on the first page of a search.

Dinner Dash

Begins from online game PC cooking light weight in the early 2000s, Dinner Dash evolved into an app with sharper graphics in the smartphone. The player’s task in Dinner Dash is to serve every customer who comes from showing a seat, serving dishes, to cleaning the table within a certain time. If successful, the player can collect the highest possible score which can increase the level.

Bakery Story

If you are bored with online game girls cooking or managing a restaurant, you may be interested in Bakery Store, on games This time we will be invited to manage a small shop that serves various kinds of cakes. In addition to taking care of the restaurant, we will also be invited to make various kinds of cakes ranging from tart until cupcakes.

Food Street

Food Street offers a unique game that is managing a restaurant on the side of the road. Even though it looks easy, in games In this case, we will be challenged to manage various things from decorating, recipes, cooking, taking care of orders, and many other things that make online game cook This is getting more and more interesting to play.

World Chef

If at Foodstreet we are challenged to take care of a roadside restaurant, in World Chef you will be a star restaurant chef. The fun thing is, there are lots of dishes that you can make here, from Italian to Mexican dishes. This of course makes online game cook burgers This is quite popular with people.

So, where online game cook what’s interesting to you? For information, you can visit to find out more complete information about online game. May be useful.

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