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Build the Most Powerful Diggie Mobile Legend 2022

In Mobile Legend, Diggie is included hero Mage. This character was first introduced at the E-Sport event in the Philippines a few years ago. Because the player’s performance is quite good when using this character, Diggie is one of the favorite characters and is known as hero with build holy

Get to know the Meta Diggie Feeder

diggie mobile legends

Diggie is a Meta in the form of a cute owl complete with glasses and a unique hat. Despite having a cute appearance, Diggie’s performance on the battlefield is quite fierce. This character often deceives the opponent with a plain appearance but suddenly makes an attack that makes the enemy confused.

Despite being called Diggie, this character doesn’t have the ability to dig. Diggie Mobile Legend is a timekeeper equipped with build and skills qualified. Diggie itself can be bought by collecting several tens of thousands battle points and hundreds diamonds.

Diggie is also equipped skin which can be purchased using diamonds so you can customize its appearance with mood game. Different from most heroDiggie includes those that have another shape, namely eggs when using skills-his.

This form seems fragile, but when used against an opponent, damage generated is maximal. So even though some people look down on them, in fact Diggie was able to deliver victory to his team using build and skills which are owned.

Characteristics of Meta Diggie Feeder

diggie mobile legends skin

Every character in games Mobile Legends must have characteristics that make it different from other characters and can be used to attack opponents, as well as Diggie Mobile Legends. There are at least some characteristics hero this as a reference if you want to use skillsher to bring down the opponent.

Old Meta New Look

For old Mobile Legend players, Diggie is actually not a foreign character. Before being famous hero This meta has been widely used even though its form is not as perfect as it is now. If in the past Diggie was only used to block the minion from one lane to othernow Diggie has evolved into hero tough on the battlefield.

As previously mentioned, Diggie is already pretty tough with skills and build which are owned. However, when all that is balanced with the strategy and fighting skills of beautiful players, hero This meta can be one of the lethal characters with build holy.

Space Maker

In addition to being able to withstand the speed of the minion, hero Meta Diggie Feeder can also create space. Existence space certainly profitable for his teammates. Thanks to this, the team was able to do push turret so that the enemy can be easily tricked when busy fighting with Diggie.

Besides that, space also increase the chances of winning Diggie Mobile Legends and teammates so that even if they are beaten heavily, Diggie can still distract the opponent and hero friends can move without a hitch.

Hyper Carry Natural Counter

Cool, Diggie is one of them hero Meta with natural talent as counter from HyperCarry. As is known, Hyper Carry is a deadly Meta that can mess with teammates’ positions. In order to manipulate each of Hye Carry’s attacks, Diggie performed a technique feeding.

Although this ability is underestimated, in fact feeding is the right move to turn off Hyper Carry and win the fight. Diggie doesn’t even need skills and build items when doing feeding. Its basic nature as hero Meta makes Diggie able to do feeding easily.

Diggie Skills

diggie mobile legends status

Diggie is hero Meta with skills cool and unique like,

Young Again

Was mentioned a little above, skills this allows Diggie to transform into an egg. So every time Diggie dies, Diggie can still circle the battlefield and anti-attack. Unfortunately, when it is in the form of an egg, Diggie will not be able to return to base until respawn.

Time Bomb

Damage from skills it’s big enough to have an effect stun and slow on the opponent. You can use Diggie Mobile Legends skills This is at the start of the game to disrupt the opposing team’s position and be one step ahead on the battlefield.

Reverse Time

As the name suggests, the main function of Reverse Time is to reverse time. Skills this is usually used in the middle of the game and the impact is quite maximum when combined with skills of various kinds hero which has AoE properties like Odette.

Time Journey

Being a time keeper makes the most of it skills Diggie Mobile Legend related to time. Time Journey includes skills Ultimate and can be used at the peak of the battle. Damage from skills it is quite large and can protect the entire team from attacks.

By using Time Journey, Diggie will give shield and will not be affected when the enemy takes out skills Crowd Control. One thing to keep in mind and usually recorded in Diggie Mobile Legend guide anywhere. Skills what Diggie has will not be very useful if the player lacks a strategy when using hero this meta.

Diggie’s Most Powerful Build

diggie mobile legends build

Besides skills, build items is the mainstay of the characters when fighting in Mobile Legend. Diggie himself is one of the characters who are considered to have build holy. Then, anything Diggie Mobile Legend build what we should know, here’s the review.

Athena Shield

The main function shield this is protecting and giving effect defense. In addition, Athena can also help increase HP, Magical Defense, and Regen as much as possible. Athena Shield itself is a shield that can block all forms of attack magic from the opponent.


Build this is quite useful for Mobile Legend characters. With Immortality, Diggie can survive in all fields and can still help build a team to fight against enemies. For Diggie, Immortality is very useful in late game.

Fleeting Time

One of the advantages items Fleeting Time is to add Magic Power and Cooldown Reduction. Both are very much needed Diggie Mobile Legends to eliminate the opponent. Unfortunately, the use of Fleeting Time will have an effect on skills Ultimate Diggie.

Necklace of Durance

Existence items it can not only increase Magic Power, Cooldown Reduction, and Magical Lifesteal, but also reduce regen effect for a few seconds.

So, do you think Diggie deserves status as a character with build items holy? For information, you can buy diamonds in so that Diggie has skills and items which can be used for combat.

Happy fighting.

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