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7 of the strongest Mobile Legends heroes in the current EXP lane! Games

Some Mobile Legends heroes who have a role as a fighter must have some special provisions as a place for exp-lane to be strong in the lane area. In fact, the existence of the Mobile Legends role is now getting bigger. There are strong mage heroes who become offlaners, there are tanks that can even be used in the gold lane.

In essence, Hero Mobile Legends is very “flexible”. This means that they can potentially be placed in any lane. Like the 7 heroes that will be discussed this time, not all heroes have a role as a fighter, but some of them are strong in EXP Lane.

What are you waiting for! Let’s just look at the article 7 Strongest Mobile Legends Hero in the current exp lane.

Here are the 7 strongest Mobile Legends heroes in the current EXP lane:


Since AntiMage leaked how strong and tough Dyroth is, players in the public have immediately tested this Hero in matches. Moreover, this Hero has gotten a fairly large buff, his skills have increased rapidly than before.

The amount of life steal, damage burts, and easy battle mechanics make Dyroth one of the strongest hero choices in the exp lane. It’s even difficult to find an antidote to attacks from this one Hero. Even though it used to be insulted as a “bad hero”, but now so many players are using Dyroth to push rank in Mobile Legends.


Even though it’s nerfed, it doesn’t reduce Gloo’s potential in EXP Lane. we are quite wary about this hero when doing a draft pick. So if you don’t have a chance to get Gloo, just ban it. Because the ability of this hero is very difficult!

It’s not uncommon for people to get zoning because of this slime-shaped Hero Mobile Legends. Especially when you are in one of them, Gloo activates ultimate. This hero car is very difficult because we can control our movements. In addition, the thickness level is also high due to the ability to change HP.


If you want to fight mechanical warriors in the exp-track, you can use Valentina as a solution. Because this one mage hero has the power to silence most of the fighters in Mobile Legends. the skill imitates the ultimate will return to the opponent you are facing.

In addition, Valentina is a typical hero who can easily repay his opponent. The series of skills it has can slowly drain the enemy’s blood. Since the average fighter has one type of melee attack, it is very easy for Valentina users to launch long-range attacks.


This hero is usually placed in the EXP Lane. Unlike Valentina, Esmeralda is placed in the EXP lane due to her high defense. This will allow him to defend against enemy attacks. Yes, because he is the only hero who advances alone in the lane area to fight mechanics with the enemy

In addition, Esmeralda is also equipped with defense items such as Dominance Ice, Oracle, Antique Cuirass to make their defense even higher. The problem is, Esmerald’s advantage is not damage like most mages in general, but its magic and physical defense. The style of play is also very easy, just press the enemy until their HP decreases and you can control the area comfortably.


Because the Season Skin for Masha has been made, this hero immediately gets a big buff. It all depends on her HP level, which will affect Masha’s endurance in both lane and match.

His skill also allows the enemy to be unable to do anything when exposed to the disarm effect, so he can’t do basic attacks other than the skill. As someone who has a role fighter, of course the priority is the skill to fight if you can’t attack, it’s hard too.

Masha is also now made more tanky, but still has enormous damage. This is what makes him often banned by players in Mobile Legends ranked matches.


This old hero has never been removed from the list of Hero meta in Mobile Legends. In the EXP lane, Chou is only made defense items and rarely uses damage items to make it even more deadly. This solution is perfect for Chou, whose job is hit and run

However, its effectiveness does not decrease, even when dealing damage items. when you reach the mid game, you can kill the mage or marksman in one combo. The effective use of Jeet Kune Do is the key to the successful use of Chou in the exp lane. The rest is just using the Turret when the ultimate is activated, it can immediately kill the enemy.


This underrated Hero Mobile Legends actually has qualified skills to use in the EXP lane. However, it is very rare for Mobile Legends players to see its potential. Basically, Freya has a number of skills that speed up killing enemies on the lane. In terms of combat, we recommend using Freya.

The second skill will be able to increase Frey’s attack speed. Early in the match, this ability can be an important tool for dueling opponents in the EXP lane. In addition, Freya can create a shield through her ultimate skill. This will increase defense, so Freya’s battle duration will be extended.

Some of the Hero Mobile Legends also have weaknesses, but basically they are the strongest in the exp-lane. In terms of damage, skill mechanisms, to effectiveness in battle, they are very superior in the EXP lane.

Which of the above lists do you use the most in the exp lane?

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