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7 Most Popular Mobile Games 2022, Which One Are You Playing?

There are many types of games available. One of them is mobile games. Do you want to know the list of the most popular mobile games? In this article, we will discuss the 7 most downloaded mobile games. This can be a reference for those of you who are in need of game ideas to play.

In January 2022, SensorTower released a report entitled “Q4 2022 Store Intelligence Data Digest. In the report, SensorTower displays a row of the most downloaded applications in 2022. Including, the report also contains data about the most popular games in the world.

So, is your favorite game included in the ranks of these games? Let’s find the answer here. These are the 7 most popular mobile games according to SensorTower data.

1. Among Us

The first order is the game Among Us. 2022 is indeed the year of this game. This game got a total download of up to 282 million downloads, both on the Play Store and App Store. This has brought Among Us as the most popular game in 2022. It seems that until 2022, Among Us’s popularity will also remain high. No wonder, this game is one of the most popular games.

As of the time this article was written, Among Us has been reviewed more than 10 million times on the Google Play Store.

among us

2. Garena Free Fire

In second place is the Garena Free Fire game. This game has been downloaded more than 250 million times. It is one of the best and most popular android games. So far, Free Fire has received a 4.3 rating on the Play Store. Including height. Maybe Free Fire is also your favorite game?

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free fire

3. Subway Surfers

In third place is the Subway Surfers game. It also includes popular games. The total download of this game has reached more than 200 million downloads. This game has a rating of 4.4 on the Play Store. You may be one of the gamers who play the Subway Surfers game.

The simple game makes this game attractive and a favorite of many people. In total, this game has been installed more than 1 billion times (according to data on Play Store).

4. PUBG Mobile

Not to be outdone by Free Fire, PUBG Mobile is also included in the ranks of the most popular games. Referring to SensorTower data, PUBG Mobile also has more than 200 million downloads. Even PUBG’s popularity is almost equal to Subway Surfers, you know.

Until now, PUBG Mobile has received a rating of 4.2 on Google Play.

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5. Hunter Assassin

In fifth place is the Hunter Assassin game. This game also has a total of more than 200 million downloads. On the Play Store, Hunter Assassin gets a fairly high rating of 4.2. Not only that, the size of this game is also quite small, only 42 MB. No wonder, this game became popular and played by many people.

6. Gardenscapes

In sixth place is a game called Gardenscapes. This game is one of the most popular. Either on the Play Store or on the App Store. This game’s rating is 4.4 (Play Store rating). Including height. Thus, this game has appeal and is a favorite of gamers. How, are you interested in playing the game?

7. Brain Out

In seventh place is the Brain Out game. To date, this game has been downloaded more than 150 million times (both on Play Store and App Store). The size of the game is also quite small, which is 57 MB. Brain Out is an interesting puzzle game with lots of puzzles. This game is very interesting for those of you who like games that sharpen the brain.

How, interested to try to play it?

brain out

Other Popular Mobile Games

Apart from the seven games above, there are many other popular games that are included in the SensorTower version of the most popular games report. Some of the other popular games are also included for example:

  • Ludo King (at number 8),
  • Roblox (is at number 11),
  • Candy Crush (12th place),
  • 3D Snipers,
  • and much more.

most popular games

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