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7 Car Modification Games on Android. Let's play!

There are many activities that can be done to fill spare time. If you need entertainment, play games could be a solution. For Android users, you can access the Play Store to download various types of games, ranging from zombie-themed games, first person shooteruntil the game smells of automotive even exist.

Well, for those of you who are interested in the automotive world, how about playing? games car modification? In the Play Store there are lots of games Android car modification complete with racing features. Here are 7 recommendations games car modifications on Android that you can play in your spare time.

1. Drift Tuner

best android car modification game

Released by S&COR Games, Drift Tuner 2022 has been downloaded by more than 1 million users and successfully obtained rating by 3.9 on the Play Store. Through Drift Tuner, players are invited to compete in the circuit area that has been provided. This game provides a number of cars that you can use to race.

Oh yes, if it doesn’t match the appearance of the existing car, you can also make modifications, you know. Some of the car components that can be modified are tires, bumpers, engines, and car colors. There are approximately 100 car paint colors that you can apply to make your car look cooler.

To spoil the players, Drift Tuner also provides a stunning graphic display.

2. Fast Racing 2

android car modification game offline

Not much different from Drift Tuner, Fast Racing 2 also won rating 3.9 and has been downloaded by more than 1 million users on the Play Store. This play application published by Voltare Game provides a car racing game with a choice of different modes. Among them is the drift modeknockdown, classic, and countdown mode.

Although Fast Racing 2 has provided ready-to-use cars, players can make modifications in several parts to enhance their appearance. Some components that can be replaced according to taste are tires, rims, to the color of the car.

3. 3D Tuning

android car mod game

While the previous two recommendations relate to racing and car modification, 3D Tuning focuses more on modifications. Judging from the Play Store page, games Android car modification It has received a rating of 4.1 and has been downloaded by more than 10 million users.

Before playing, please select the car according to taste. 3D Tuning provides dozens of types of brands that you can use to play, such as Ferrari, Ducati, BMW, Chevrolet, Lincoln, to the Porsche brand luxury cars.

Once you’ve got the right car, it’s time to get creative! You can make modifications starting from the exterior such as tires, rims, bumpers, exhaust, spoilersand the color of the car to the interior such as the seats can be changed according to taste.

If you are satisfied with the results of the modification, you can follow challenge 3D Tuning. How to?

  • Choose your favorite car, then press the VS . button
  • Invite your friends to compete by pressing the Invite button
  • After your friend accepts the invitation you sent, 3D Tuning users will vote to determine which modification results are the most interesting.

4. FormaCar Custom 3D Tuning

best android car mod game

FormaCar Custom 3D Tuning enters the lineup games best android car modification with gain rating of 4.1 and the number of downloads is more than 1 million users. FormaCar Custom 3D Tuning provides a number of car components that can be modified to make them appear more fashionable and attractive.

The graphical display of FormaCar Custom 3D Tuning is also made in such a way to make it look more real. Interestingly, through this game players will get new insights about car engine configurations as well as various interesting information about the automotive world.

5. Drift Max Pro

drift max game mod android

The next recommendation is Drift Max Pro. Drift Max Pro is games Android car modification offline with total rating 4.6 and has been downloaded 50 million times on the Play Store. Well, if you don’t want to waste your quota, you can play games this one.

Games This car racing is quite easy to play. Available cars can be purchased using the money and gold in your account. If the appearance of the car does not match your taste, you can replace some parts such as spoilerssuspension, tires, rims, and car paint to make it more attractive.

Not only that, Drift Max Pro users are also welcome to set their own camera so they can get the desired point of view.

6. Real Racing 3

real racing 3 car modification game

bag rating of 4.3, to date Real Racing 3 has been downloaded by more than 100 million users. At the beginning of the game you will be provided with some money and gold to buy a car. The list of cars provided by Real Racing 3 is quite a lot, such as BMW, Lamborghini, and Ferrari.

After getting the dream car then you can enter the race arena to compete. For example, if you want to modify a car to improve its performance, you can, you know. Some of the car parts that can be modified are tires, paint colors, and suspension.

7. Car Mechanic Simulator

android mod game

The best Android car mod game the last one is Car Mechanic Simulator. On the Play Store, this game gets rating 4.4 and has been downloaded more than 10 million times. In this game, you act as a mechanic whose job is to modify the car according to your wishes. Players are free to make improvements from the body to the engine to create optimal performance.

Besides having a good graphic display, Car Mechanic Simulator also provides a number of car variants such as Calette Marina, Miraco Togo, Deaton Immersa, and Elanos Phoenix. If you want to collect a lot of cars, players need to expand the workshop area using the available money.

For those of you who are still confused about what to do on the weekend, play 7 games Android car modification The above can be an alternative to a budget vacation but still fun. If you don’t have these 7 games, hurry up download the app on the Play Store. Well, have fun!

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