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7 Best Android Games 2022

According to GMRPC, the very large number of PUBG Mobile players had touched the figure at 734 million players, this number will certainly continue to increase every year considering the atmosphere is still so large.

In the game, this game is a battle royale genre which is played by 100 people at once for players to choose to play in solo mode, a team of 2 people or a team of 4 people.

With the team or player who managed to survive the last time will win the game or get a Chicken Dinner.

PUBG Mobile has won awards, such as Mobile Game of the Year (PUBG Mobile) given by the 36th Golden Joystick Awards.

4. Free Fire

Best Android Games
Free Fire

This game is no longer in doubt the popularity of the game published by Garena.

Released on December 4, 2022, Free Fire still consistently dominates the Indonesian market as the best Android game that children like.

This game play is not much different from the usual battle royale games.

There are 50 players who will fight in one area, where the last player will survive and be the winner, now for those who like challenges, this game can be played.

There are so many weapons that can be used to defeat your opponent and become a winner, although it requires a special strategy that will make it easier for players to defeat their opponents.

5. Best Android Game Arena of Valor

Best Android Games
Best Android Games Arena of Valor

Arena of Valor is an epic MOBA online game, equipped with Utra-HD graphics, premium content and made with balance in mind, which is called the strongest competitor of Mobile Legends.

However, these two best android games are often compared in terms of graphics, gameplay and similar characters.

However, both still fall into the category of the best Android games today.

Arena of Valor was developed by Timi Studio Group which was later published by Tencent Games, currently Garena itself plays a role in channeling AOV for many people to play.

Two years since its release, in 2022, the number of daily active players for Arena of Valor has touched 80 million.

It was rumored that there would be a dead game, AOV was able to rise and remain the choice of gamers in Indonesia today.

6. Call of Duty Mobile

Best Android Games
Call of Duty Mobile

The release of Call of Duty Mobile was a hot topic among gamers.

The reason is, this game offers stunning graphics that make the game more exciting and attract more and more fans.

This game has shaken the dominance of PUBG Mobile and Free Fire as the best battle royale game in Indonesia.

Call of Duty Mobile which offers a variety of interesting features in its gameplay.

With the availability of various playing modes, the number of players reaches 100 people to classic modes such as Search and Destroy Free for All or others.

There are also many map options available, no wonder COD Mobile is chosen as the best Android game for now.

7. Best Android Game League of Legends: Wild Rift

Best Android Games
Best Android Game League of Legends: Wild Rift

Over time, competition in the gaming world will continue to increase.

Just like when League of Legends: Wild Rift was present and would be considered to undermine the popularity of Mobile Legends and AOV.

This game developed by Riot Games is a mobile version of League of Legends PC, which has been launched for a long time and is popular as a MOBA game.

League of Legends: Wild Rift deserves to be called the best Android game for the mobile MOBA genre, in its gameplay, there will be two teams that will fight to be the winner.

Each team must be able to destroy the supporting turret owned by the opponent until the most important thing is to win the match.

So to be a winner, you need an appropriate strategy because the opponents you face certainly have their own tactics.

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