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6 Secrets of Need For Speed ​​Most Wanted 2005 That You May Not Know

Need for Speed ​​Most Wanted (2005) is a racing game made by Black Box that has captured the hearts of fans, especially racing game lovers.

This game is proven to be able to present epic wild car races and chases with police who are aggressive like animals and don’t hesitate to do it blindly.

But, did you know there are some interesting things about this wild car racing game that you may not have known?

For those of you who are new or have not been familiar with Most Wanted for a long time, here the author shares some interesting things from the game Need For Speed ​​Most Wanted (2005).

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secret car need for speed most wanted

As is known, in this game you will be asked to defeat 15 blacklists that dominate the streets of Rockport.

But, did you know that there is actually a 16th blacklist?

Blacklist #16 is actually Rog, one of the side characters in this game. Rog was originally one of the enemies that had to be faced when he was still early in the game.

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