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5,000+ Damage! This is the Strongest Baxia Jungler Build in Mobile Legends

Recently, META Baxia Jungler has become a favorite among Mobile Legends players. Baxia himself is the strongest Tank hero in Mobile Legends who has extraordinary abilities.

If you want to try to use Baxia as a Jungler, then you need to use the strongest Baxia Jungler build in Mobile Legends. But first, make sure you top up Diamond Mobile Legends to get the Baxia hero first.

Well, for those of you who want to know the right build for this Tank hero, just read this article until it's finished!

Build the Strongest Baxia Jungler in Mobile Legends

The picture above is the recommendation for the strongest Baxia Jungler build that you can use in the game. The following is an explanation of the items used.

1. Behemoth Hunter’s Tough Boots

The first item you have to buy when using Baxia Jungler is Tough Boots that have been blessed with the Jungle Bloody Retribution item. With this item Baxia will get additional Movement Speed ​​and Magical Defense. Tough Boots also give the effect of reducing the duration of the Crowd Control effect received from the opponent.

Because it has been blessed with the Jungle Bloody Retribution item, it will increase the effect of the Retribution Spell used by Baxia. Spell Retribution used will get a passive Hunter effect where each time dealing damage to Creeps or enemies, it will deal True Damage to enemies for 3 seconds based on Hero Level and Total HP.

So the higher the HP you have, the higher the damage produced by the Retribution spell.

2.Cursed Helmet

The Cursed Helmet is the next item that you must buy when using Baxia as a Jungler hero. This item will increase Baxia's HP as well as Baxia's Magical Defense itself.

Well, the uniqueness of this item is that it gives Magic Damage equivalent to 1.5% Max HP Hero every second to enemies around it. The damage dealt by this item will also increase by 100% to Minions, so it will be easy for Baxia to do farming quickly.

3. Antique Cuirass

The next item to complete the Baxia Jungler build is Antique Cuirass. This item is very suitable for use against Assassin heroes who take advantage of their skills before attacking like Lancelot .

That's because Antique Cuirass will add HP, Physical Defense, and HP Regen to Baxia. Well, the uniqueness of this item is that when hit by the opponent's hero skill, this item will reduce the opponent's Physical Attack for a while.

4. Blade Armor

Blade Armor is the next item to buy when you use Baxia Jungler in the game. As we know, Blade Armor is an item that can increase Physical Defense for its users.

The uniqueness of this item is that it reduces the Critical Damage of the opponent, and when Baxia is attacked with a Basic Attack, the attack will be returned to the opponent in the form of Physical Damage.

Of course this item is very suitable for use when the opponent uses a lot of heroes with high Physical Attack such as the Marksman hero for example.

5. Athena’s Shield

The next item you can buy to complete the Baxia Jungler build is Athena's Shield. As we know, Athena's Shield itself is a useful item to withstand high Magic Damage.

Athena's Shield will increase HP, Magical Defense, and HP Regen from Baxia. This item also has a uniqueness where if Baxia receives Magic Damage, it will activate a shield that is able to absorb the opponent's damage.

As long as the shield is active, it will reduce the Magic Damage received for a while. Of course this item is very suitable if the opponent has a lot of Mage heroes in it.

6. Immortality

The last item to complete the best Baxia Jungler Mobile Legends build is Immortality. Of course, as a Mobile Legends player, you already know the function of this Defense item, right?

Immortality besides adding Baxia's HP and Physical Defense, it also has a passive ability where this item can revive Baxia if he is successfully eliminated by the opponent. When revived, Baxia will get 16% HP and a Shield that lasts for a while.

Recommended Emblem and Battle Spell Sets that are Suitable for Baxia Jungler

For the use of Set Emblems and Battle Spells that are suitable for use by Baxia as a Jungler, you can see in the picture above.

So as a Jungler, it is certain that the Battle Spell Retribution is very suitable for Baxia to use to make it easier for him to do farming quickly . As for the Emblem Set, the Custom Jungle Emblem is the right choice for Baxia.

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