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5 Best Heroes for Counter Baxia Mobile Legends

Baxia is one of the strongest tank heroes who gets a buff and makes him one of the strongest meta tank heroes in Mobile Legends . Because of its over power, many people don't know how to counter Baxia Mobile Legends.

On this occasion, we want to tell you the best hero recommendations for the Baxia Mobile Legends counter. Want to know what the hero is? Come on, just read this article to the end!

Counter Baxia Mobile Legends Use These Heroes!

Well, make sure you've done the Mobile Legends diamond top up first so you can have the following heroes.

1. Karrie

The first hero recommendation that you can use to counter Baxia Jungler is Karrie. This Marksman Hero is indeed famous for his very deadly abilities.

As we know, Karrie has a very high Burst Damage. In the Late Game, this hero can be your best choice to fight heroes who have high durability like Baxia.

2. X.Borg

X.Borg is the next best hero recommendation that you can use to counter Baxia. X.Borg itself is one of the strongest Fighter heroes in Mobile Legends who has great abilities.

This hero has a skill that provides area attacks from a distance. So you can attack Baxia from a fairly safe distance when using X.Borg. Moreover, X.Borg's ultimate skill has a very deadly damage area.

3. Nana

The best hero to counter Baxia Mobile Legends is Nana. As we know, Nana herself is one of the best Crowd Control heroes in Mobile Legends . With this ability, it will definitely be easy for you to finish off Baxia.

Nana is equipped with skills which of course will be very annoying for her opponents, including Baxia. With Nana in your team, Baxia will definitely find it difficult to move.

4. Sun

Baxia is one of the heroes currently in the META Tank. Well, one of the heroes for the META Tank counter is Sun. Sun himself is known as one of the best turret destroying heroes in Mobile Legends .

He has the ability to summon clones of himself and attack enemies together. With the addition of clones, of course Sun can do deadly damage to his opponents, including Baxia.

5. Chou

The next best hero recommendation to counter Baxia Mobile Legends is Chou. As we know, Chou himself is the best counter hero in Mobile Legends.

If you can play Chou properly, of course it will make it easier for you to target Baxia and stop his movement.

Those are some recommendations for the best Baxia Mobile Legends hero counters that you can use. Oh yes, don't forget to follow Instagram and subscribe to the UPoint eSports YouTube channel to get the latest info and promos.

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