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5 Weaknesses of Claude in Mobile Legends, Once Dipped, Immediately Submissive!

The presence of Claude brings a new color to the battlefield of the Land of Dawn. This hero has a unique power. When attacking, his pet monkey, Dexter, also helps him attack. He is also one of the few Marksman heroes who have an escape mechanism.

Although it looks strong, actually Claude can be defeated easily. Because, he has some weaknesses that are quite visible, as examples of which will be explained below.

1. Weak in Early GamesGetting stuck in the late game

Claude has the same weakness as all Marksman heroes. He won’t be useful at the beginning of the game if you immediately assign him to team fight. Damageis fairly small.

To maximize damageher in early gamehe must continue to use skills 1 and 2. Of course this has consequences because you will be wasting your mana. If you don’t buy items where is regenFrom the start, Claude couldn’t help but have to go back and forth from headquarters. This can also hinder its development. The risk of losing a level and falling behind items even bigger.

Approaching mid game, his true abilities have begun to show. Through combination items If that’s the case, he can be extremely dangerous with his lightning-fast attacks.

However, go to ‘extra time’Claude will have a hard time against fellow Marksman who itemsit’s done. Especially if the user uses build items for attack speed. If the enemy defends well, Claude is guaranteed a hard time to become hitters because you will be caught first if you are desperate to go forward.

2. Once Swallowed, Claude Bows

Yep, the easiest way to beat Claude is with a scoop-up strategy. Once hit, especially at the beginning of the game and the end of the game, he is guaranteed to immediately submit without any hope of getting up.

BTWpicking it up is not an easy matter. Skills 2 Claude made him very good at escaping. Especially if you chase him in the forest area.

Therefore, try to scoop him up lane because it is more open than a forest with a lot of bushes. To make it easier, rely on the hero who has skills blink/charge as well as control like Akai and Saber. Because, it’s hard if you don’t go first because Claude has skills 2 whose blurring mechanism is hard to read.

3. Critical Attack

This is the reason why Claude is so weak at the end of the game. Specialist Marksman or Fighter users burst damage must have made Scarlet Phantom and Berserker’s Fury which added 50% critical chance. Hence, Marksman like Lesley, Layla, or Miya can finish him off easily at the end of the game thanks to a combination of critical attacks and lightning-fast attacks.

This situation would be even less favorable for Claude if the user gave build items special attack speed. As soon as the attack is issued, it will still lose with a critical attack that can reduce blood by more than half in one attack. Moreover, his endurance as a Marksman hero is already soft from the start.

4. Difficult to Use

BTW, this point can actually be an advantage for Claude if the user is GG. Because, mechanism skillsit is very beneficial for users who already understand the ins and outs Mobile Legends. Whether it’s to run away with skills 2, or maximize the impact power with skills 1.

What if the user is less skilled? The answer will certainly be a burden for users and teammates. Without understanding the mechanism skills 2, Claude will very easily be caught when hegank. The same goes for skills 1 which can increase attack speed while weakening the enemy.

Especially if the user only bought it because he saw a compilation video of Claude which was played by professional players. This thief hero does look beautiful if played correctly. In reality, using it is not that easy.

5. Ultimate

One more weakness of Claude which is quite obvious is existence skills Its ulti. The mechanism does look sadistic to the naked eye. However, skills it shoots randomly and is less reliable to finish off enemies quickly.

The rotating mechanism is fairly awkward. His attacks are indeed counted as basic attacks. However, The damage is only painful, if it’s at least 10 Claude is sick, the tank is strong enough to penetrate.

So, are you currently a Claude user? Do you agree with the list of weaknesses as described above? Let’s discuss if you feel less comfortable or even have an explanation of other weaknesses of this hero!

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