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5 Strongest Tank Destroyer Heroes in Mobile Legends

Hero Tank is one of the strongest roles in Mobile Legends. As the name implies, the Tank hero has a very strong defense and can be a shield for his team members.

Even so, Tank heroes can still be defeated, one of which is by using the strongest tank destroyer hero in Mobile Legends. Well, for those of you who don't know about the best tank destroyer heroes in Mobile Legends, just check the article that we have summarized below!

Kill Hero Tanks in Mobile Legends Using These 5 Heroes!

For those of you who want to use these heroes, make sure to top up the Mobile Legends diamond first.

Because to have these heroes you need to exchange a number of Battle Points or Diamonds.

1. Karrie

The first tank destroyer hero recommendation is Karrie. Karrie is a Marksman hero who is known to be able to counter all kinds of Tank heroes in Mobile Legends.

With the right skills and support for Karrie's build, the Tank hero will not be able to move in front of Karrie.

2. Lunox

One of the Mage heroes who have the ability to destroy the opponent's Tank hero is Lunox.

Lunox has a passive skill that can turn Cooldown Reduction into a very high Magic Penetration. As we know, Magic Penetration is useful for penetrating the opponent's Magical Defense, so attacks from Lunox will feel very deadly.

3. X.Borg

The next best hero that you can rely on to face tank heroes is X.Borg. This Hero Fighter has a great ability to overcome the thick HP of the Tank hero.

X.Borg's Fire Missiles and Last Insanity skills are capable of dealing enormous True Damage to opponents. Especially if you use the right X.Borg build, of course, you will find it easier to finish off the opponent's tank.

4. Dyrroth

The next tank destroyer hero is Dyrroth. This hero has the ability to reduce the opponent's Physical Defense. With this ability, it will be easy for Dyrroth to penetrate the opponent's defense.

This Hero Fighter is indeed famous as one of the very aggressive heroes. Especially if you use the right Dyrroth build, it will be easy for you to slaughter all the opponent's Tank heroes.

5. Sun

Besides being known as the fastest turret destroyer hero, Sun is also known as one of the tank destroyer heroes in Mobile Legends. The skill that can summon Doppelgangers to fight alongside him is very helpful in battle.

By using Sun, of course, the opponent's tank hero will be easily destroyed by him. Therefore, it is not wrong if you use Sun to kill the opponent's tank hero.

Well, those are some of the strongest tank destroyer heroes in Mobile Legends that you can use in the game. Is there your favorite hero?

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