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5 Strongest Magic Chess Commanders in Mobile Legends

Magic Chess is one of the game modes in Mobile Legends that offers quite a unique game. In addition to using the strongest META or Synergy, to win in this mode you also need the best Magic Chess Commander.

Commander in Magic Chess itself there are various kinds. Well, for those of you who want to know the best Commander Magic Chess in Mobile Legends, just read this article until it's finished!

Recommended Best Magic Chess Commander

To get the following Commander Magic Chess, make sure you've done a Mobile Legends diamond top up . Because it takes diamonds to exchange one Commander Magic Chess.

1. Order this

The first strongest Magic Chess Commander recommendation is Asta. This newly released Commander does have extraordinary abilities. The following are the skills possessed by Commander Asta:

Astral Blessing - Gold (Skill 1): When a player is eliminated, will earn Gold equal to 30% of their current lineup value.

Astral Blessing - Hero (Skill 2): ​​When a player is eliminated, gains 1 of their Hero count, including the Hero's Blessing effect and Star Level.

Astral Blessing - Equipment (Skill 3): When a player is eliminated, gains 1 piece of their Equipment.

2. Commander Remy

Commander Magic Chess terkuat selanjutnya adalah Remy. Commander ini memiliki skill-skill yang sangat berguna di dalam permainan. Adapun skill-skill yang dimiliki oleh Commander Remy antara lain adalah:

Money-grubber (Skill 1): Remy mendapatkan 1 hingga 4 Gold secara acak. Cooldown dalam 4 Round.

Finance Genius (Skill 2): Remy mendapatkan 1 interest lebih banyak ketika memiliki 10 Gold. Interest maksimum adalah 5.

Gold=Life! (Skill 3): Remy mengorbankan 7 HP dan menukarkannya dengan 2-5 Gold. Cooldown 3 Round. HP Remy tidak akan berkurang hingga 3 bawah 3 dari menggunakan skill ini.

3. Commander Benny

Benny adalah Commander Magic Chess terkuat selanjutnya yang bisa jadi andalan kamu ketika bermain di mode Magic Chess Mobile Legends. Benny dibekali dengan skill-skill hebat seperti:

Freezing Trap (Skill 1): During preparation, a Freezing Trap will be placed in the center on your side which will cause a Freeze effect to any enemy hero that moves past it for a while based on different Stages.

King of Beasts (Skill 2): ​​After each Creep Round, Benny will summon the most powerful Creep from that Round to join the team. Creep will be used in the preparation stage.

Hunter's Instinct (Skill 3): During preparation, a Copy Trap will be placed in the middle of your position which will add your Stock or additional Stock Copy of the enemy Hero moving towards it.

4. Commander Eggie

The next best Commander recommendation in Magic Chess is Eggie. Shaped like the hero Diggie , Eggie has a very great ability in the game. The skills possessed by Eggie include:

Economize (Skill 1): Reduces the Gold Cap required to upgrade Little Commander by 15%.

Heat of Battle (Skill 2): ​​After winning 2 times, each additional win reduces the Gold price of Little Commander, increasing by 3 to 5.

Fortune (Skill 3): When Little Commander's level reaches 8, use it to get 1 Equipment Spoils Chest and 1 Crystal Spoil Chest.

5. Commander Mavis

Mavis is a Magic Chess Commander who has a shape resembling a bat. Mavis is the best Commander right now because the skills she has really help you in the game. The great skills possessed by Mavis include:

Gathering Strength (Skill 1): Starting from the Showdown Stage, each win regenerates 5 HP.

My Soldier, Attack (Skill 2): ​​When dealing damage to the enemy's Little Commander, recovers your HP equal to 90% of the damage. Cooldown 5 Rounds.

Between Life and Death (Skill 3): Regenerates 5 HP with every Commander eliminated. This effect increases to 25 if the Commander is eliminated by you.

Well, that's the recommendation of the strongest Commander Magic Chess that you can use in the game. Do you have your favorite Commander or not?

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