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5 Most Painful Assassin Heroes in Mobile Legends Season 24 Games

The recommendation for the sickest Mobile Legends Assassin hero is suitable for push rank

Assassin is a type of hero that can produce big damage other than Marksman. Here we provide recommendations for the sickest Assassin Hero Mobile Legends season 24.

The list of recommended heroes below is perfect for the current season 24 push rank because it is in META. Some of the heroes below come from two different types, namely early heroes or late game heroes.

If including early, the hero is expected to win in a short time. Early heroes can’t do too much damage at 20 minutes and above.

There is also a late game hero type. The hero is known to be able to produce enormous damage when the game is running for a long time.

The hero user is also required to collect core items in order to produce maximum damage. Here are the recommendations for 5 of the sickest Mobile Legends Assassin heroes in Season 24:

1. Karina

Untitled-design-19.jpg (2560×1440)

Karina is an assassin who is very sick when used as a jungler. In the latest META, Karina can be built into a semi tank so that it has thick blood and great damage.

Karina is also quite wary of the Legends rank and above. This hero has a ban rate of 61.91 percent in rank mode.

The combination of Ultimate and Dance of Blade (skill 1) and Dance of Death (skill) makes enemy core heroes die quickly. Karina has deadly damage in the early game, but not so maximal in the late game.

2. Selena

maxresdefault-1.jpg (1280×720)

This “catfish” producing hero is known to be quite sick during the early game. Selena still haunts Mage and Marksman users in season 24.

Abyssal Arrow to Primal Darkness skill can kill Mage and Marksman heroes in just two to three attacks.

When Selena is placed in the mid lane as a support or roamer, she is guaranteed to be a hassle for her opponent. Selena has a ban rate of 37.54 percent at Legend rank and above.

3. Ling

Ling is one of the best-selling heroes in MPL S9. Ling’s stats in MPL Season 9 include a pick rate of 31.14 percent, a tire rate of 33.53 percent, and an average KDA of 4.28 points. This Hero Assassin was chosen by professional players in 51 games in MPL S9.

Ling’s Cloud Walker skill allows this hero to walk through walls to make surprise attacks. Not only that, Defiant Sword and Tempest of Blade skills can produce high physical attacks. Ling can also escape with the help of his ultimate skill. This hero is very effective in the late game as a jungler.

4. Fanny

Fanny is still an OP hero in Season 24. Fanny’s stats in MPL Season 9 include a pick rate of 17.96 percent, a ban rate of 70.06 percent, and an average KDA of 3.55 points. The high ban rate implies that Fanny is a hero that pro players are very wary of.

Fanny’s ultimate skill can make enemy core heroes die quickly thanks to deadly burst damage. If you are good at playing the cable from Fanny, this hero can initiate attacks and escape from the war crowd easily. Fanny is an early-game hero with grievous damage in her class.

5. Aamon

This hero with a skill that can disappear like Natalia also has grievous damage. His combination of passive skills and Ultimate Endless Blade can produce very high magic damage to the opponent. If in the right hands, Aamon is a deadly hero when used for ganking.

Not only the five heroes above, several Assassins have entered META in Season 24 is Lancelot, Mathilda, Gusion, Natalia, and Saber. That was the list of the sickest Mobile Legends Assassin Hero Season 24, which one did you choose for the push rank?

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