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5 Interesting Facts During the MPL ID S9 Tournament Games

There are some interesting things that happened in the MPL ID Season 9 tournament. What are they? Read carefully the discussion here!

The tournament title MPL ID Season 9 has finally ended, the competition was won by RRQ Hoshi after defeating the ONIC Esports team with a score of 4-1. Apart from RRQ Hoshi’s win, there were several other interesting things that happened in the MPL ID Season 9 tournament.

What are some interesting facts during the MPL ID Season 9 tournament? see the discussion below!

1. Crazy Fire Aura

Several seasons ago, Aura Fire was a team whose performance was not that great. However, since the 9th season of MPL ID, Aura Fire’s strength has begun to increase, allowing them to dominate the early first week of the regular season. Aura Fire’s good gameplay allows them to win the game against powerful teams like EVOS Legends.

Some of the main players of Aura Fire are Kabuki, High and God1va. The combination of these three players allowed Aura Fire to dominate the game quickly.

2. RRQ Hoshi Dominate!

In MPL ID Season 9, RRQ Hoshi was a very strong and dominating team from the first week of the competition. RRQ Hoshi’s performance was very stable from the Regular Season to the playoffs.

One of the reasons RRQ Hoshi dominated the tournament was Alberttt’s good play and Clayyy’s support which quickly won the match.

RRQ Hoshi also won MPL ID Season 9 this time and has won MPL Indonesia three times.

3. Beatrix Becomes a Popular Hero

Hero Marksman in Mobile Legends is a strong hero because of its uniqueness. Beatrix has a large selection of weapons and each has its own equipment. With all her weapons, Beatrix can be a versatile hero who can survive in any situation and circumstance.

Beatrix became the most used hero in MPL ID season match 9 – 94 times.

4. Baxia Suddenly Rises in the Playoffs

Baxia is a Tank class hero who suddenly rose to fame in the MPL ID Season 9 playoffs yesterday. During the regular season, this hero is rarely used but for some reason in the playoffs suddenly Baxia as a jungler becomes a hero who is always used in every match.

5. The presence of “Unique META”

In addition to presenting interesting matches, the MPL ID Season 9 teams sometimes present exciting spectacles with eccentric actions. This eccentric action became the hallmark of each team until it became a META of the team.

Some of the unique METAs include ONIC Esports Peci META, Alter Ego Book META, Bigetron Alpha Botak META and RRQ Hoshi Magic Chess META.

Thus the discussion of interesting facts about MPL ID Season 9. Wait for more interesting information about Mobile Legends

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