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5 Hero Tanks in Mobile Legends the King of Montage! Games

The montage action in Mobile Legends is now a benchmark for how good a player is, especially with tank users. Because of all the heroes, there are only a few tank heroes from Mobile Legends that can be used to take montage moments.

Thanks to the high skills of the players and the specifications of the Hero Tank used, a cool moment is created that can make your team auto win. Examples of these tank heroes will be explained in full in this article.

Of the many Hero tanks, there are five characters who most often make montage actions. Who are these heroes? Check out the following article

1. Tigreal

The first list is from heroes who occupy the tank position. Yes, who else besides Tigreal. This hero is a hero with high defense. This hero has quite a lot of HP and is very flexible to help in rotation

Tigreal’s capacity is very qualified to make montages, because it has crowd control through its ultimate. When combined with Battle Spell Flicker, this action is often shown in matches. In fact, this moment can bring the team to victory, because once hit by the combo, it can involve more than one entangled enemy.

2. Khufra

Besides Tigreal, Khufra also has a large capacity to present montage moments. His skills are no less troublesome for opponents than other Mobile Legends Hero tanks. In addition, the focus of his energy is to limit the movement of the enemy.

In Indonesia, there is a pro player called “Father Khufra”. The nickname belongs to Joshua “LJ” Darmansyah. Professional player Evos Icon is very good at controlling this one montage hero.. The game is very impressive and he often does montages in events or when playing ranked

3. Atlas

This strong enough hero is included in the list of monyage heroes who make it difficult for opponents. Because of the many victims who fell due to the montage carried out. Although Atlas is considered an underrated hero, but he is a tank hero who actually has a large capacity in the match

The opportunity comes when the user can take advantage of the moment to use Atlas’s Flicker + ultimate. When activated, the enemy will be immediately drawn to the attack area at the desired location.

4. Gatotkaca

A pride for Hero montage this one is inspired by an Indonesian legend. Gatotkaca is one of the characters in Mobile Legends very likely to take action montage. All blessings ultimateHis is Avatar of Guardian.

With damage large size and high effectiveness, does not mean that Gatotkaca is easy to use. To get the moment montage, you must have a precise calculation. You see, when activated, the destination area will be marked and the enemy can see it. Not infrequently they dodge first and your cool action fails.

If your intuition is strong, guaranteed ultimate This hero can make direct enemies wipe out. Therefore, in its use you can’t be careless if you want to get the moment montage in the match.

5. Lolita

His name is Hero tank, his position must be at the forefront. This will make them effective in resisting enemy attacks and guarding teammates behind them. That way the tankers can do montage, especially for Lolita.

Well, Lolita is a very deadly war opening Hero. The reason is, the ultimate of this Hero has a fairly wide stun area. Its reach will be further if it is combined with Flicker, it is not uncommon for the enemy to finally be unable to run and finally get hit by Lolita’s big hammer.

Not only makes your team win, actions montage from the list of heroes tank Mobile Legends was going to make gameplay you’re getting cooler. When you are able to maximize their potential in matches, it is guaranteed that your abilities will be recognized by both opponents and friends.

Who do you think is the Hero tank that can bring action montage?

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