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5 Hero Counter Hayabusa Mobile Legends Games

Known as a hero who is difficult to kill, but with the following hero counter Hayabusa can be easily killed and defeated. Let’s find out by listening to the following article!

Assassin is the most popular role hero used in Mobile Legends, and Hayabusa’s hero is one of them. Hayabusa is a hero assassin with good movement skills and high burst damage, so don’t be surprised if Hayabusa can attack enemies quickly and even hard to beat. To defeat Hayabusa, you need the right Hayabusa hero counter.

Well on this occasion we will give some hero recommendations for the Hayabusa counter hero. Let’s see in more detail

1. Sun

First, we recommend Sun’s hero, because Sun’s hero is a hero who can annoy Hayabusa. Sun can clone into three, namely 2 clones and 1 himself. With 3 suns, it will make Hayabusa confused to attack the real sun. When Hayabusa is forced to issue the ultimate when Sun releases his clone, it can reduce the damage done by Hayabusa because it is divided

2. Chou

Chou is a counter hero of all the heroes in Mobile Legends, that’s because Chou is a stable hero with high mobility. Chou is a fighter and tank hero who has always been the mainstay of many players as well as pro players. And to fight Hayabusa, Chou can use the ultimate skill “The Way of Dragon” which can make him kick Hayabusa when he approaches him with “Cloud Shadow.” hers

3. Khufra

The favorite tank besides Esmeralda is of course Khufra, because it has the skill to block the opponent’s movement. With the “Bounce Ball” skill, Hayabusa will certainly find it difficult to move, especially when using his blink skill. Not only that, “Tyran’s Revenge” can make Khufra able to catch Hayabusa if he wants to run away. Therefore Khufra is the complete package to restrain and limit Hayabusa’s movements.

4. Saber

Fight Hayabusa with Saber, because the hero is the right counter for Hayabusa, because he has the skill to kill Hayabusa very quickly. With Skill 3 or Ultimate Saber, he can then execute Hayabusa and deal great damage while blocking Hayabusa’s movement.

5. Jawhead

Rely on Jawhead using his Ultimate skill, because this skill will block Hayabusa’s movement so Hayabusa doesn’t have the opportunity to use his 2nd skill. Don’t forget that after removing the Ultimate, you will continue with a throwing skill combo so that Hayabusa can stay out of his safe range, or can land in the execution area with the Jawhead Team.

So, that’s an interesting article about 5 heroes to counter Hayabusa’s heroes in Mobile Legends. Wait for other information about Mobile Legends, okay?

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