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5 Hero Counter Gusion Mobile Legends, Make Him Troubled And Not So

Gusion is a popular assassin hero and he is almost unstoppable. Currently, Gusion is a hitman as he has high mobility along with massive damage. Because he was overpowered, many players found it difficult to face Gusion. There are five heroes that you can use against Gusion.

Today Dunia Games will share five heroes who can fight Gusion. Whose hero is that? Check out the list below.

1. Nana

It’s no secret that Nana can fight many heroes in Mobile Legends, including Gusion. Gusion’s mobility can be overcome easily with Nana because Nana can use her skills to turn Gusion into a rabbit.

When he turns into a rabbit, Gusion will have low mobility and also be silenced.
Nana’s main skill can make Gusion faint so Gusion will have a hard time fighting Nana.

2. Aurora

Normally, mage heroes were easy targets for Gusion, but that wasn’t the case for Aurora. Aurora has an annoying crowd control skill that allows her to freeze Gusion.
When facing Aurora, Gusion can’t do much and he can be quickly killed with an attack from Aurora.

3. Lolita

Lolita is a tank hero who is starting to lose her popularity. Even so, Lolita’s skills can go against Gusion! Lolita’s second skill can block enemy attacks and can also block Gusion’s dagger.
With Lolita on your team, Gusion cannot easily release his dagger as it can be blocked by Lolita.

4. Chou

This combat hero can fight multiple heroes with high mobility. What makes CHou a great counter to Gusion is his annoying crowd control skills, especially his ultimate skill. Chou’s ultimate skill is being able to knock Gusion back and stop him from moving for a few seconds.
Chou also has massive damage which can help him defeat Gusion after being hit with a skill.

5. Khufra

Of all the heroes of Mobile Legends, Khufra is the only one who can render heroes with high mobility, such as Fanny or Gusion, useless. When transforming into his ball form, Khufra can knock back enemies who use dash skills.
When Gusion approaches the enemy, Khufra can easily stop Gusion’s movement. This will make it difficult for Gusion to face Khufra.

They are the five opposing heroes for Gusion in Mobile Legends. What do you think about the heroes? If you are having a hard time dealing with Gusion then you can use any of the heroes above!

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