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5 Fun Activities for Gamers to Fill Your Free Time at Home

Confused about filling your free time at home? Relax, in this article we will discuss 5 fun gamers-style activities that you can do to fill your spare time at home. So you don’t have to worry about being bored or confused at home. For you gamers, you can make the following activities a time filler.

The Covid-19 pandemic that occurred in 2022 until now 2022 makes us have to stay at home more. Due to social restrictions, various activities must be carried out from home. Starting from work, school, to various activities forced to be done at home. So you don’t get bored at home, you can try the following 5 activities.

  1. Explore New Games

If you’ve had a favorite game that you keep playing over and over again, then you can take the time to try playing new games. So it’s not just the games you’ve been playing. The choice of games can also be adjusted to the taste of the game you want. Do you prefer mobile games, PC games, console games, or something else?

There are many gaming platforms that you can explore. Some of them for example: Steam, Google Play, App Store, Playstation Network, and so on. You can try various games, both free and paid. For example, if you want to buy a new game on Steam, you can use a Steam voucher to top up your Steam Wallet. You too can buy steam wallet through you know.
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To make it easier to search for games, you can use the categorization feature on platforms such as the App Store or Play Store. Can browse games by category/type of game. In addition, don’t forget to read the review first to see the quality of the game.

Alternatively, you can also search for and take advantage of the widely available game recommendations. From these recommendations, who knows you might get an interesting new game to play.

  1. Watch Live Streaming Games

Another activity idea that you can try is watching streaming game shows. It can be from your favorite gaming YouTuber, from pro players, and so on. You can watch streaming through various platforms, such as from YouTube, Twitch, Facebook Gaming, and so on.

One of the YouTube gaming channels that you can also watch is the channel YouTube UniPin Gaming. Besides being able to watch streaming games, you can also get interesting esports news on the channel. Plus, of course, you can also get info on the latest promos on UniPin.

  1. Join Online Gaming Events/Competitions

If you are interested in fighting skills with other gamers, then you can also take part in online gaming events or competitions. There are many online tournaments that you can enter. Through online tournaments, you can compete skills gaming without having to meet in person. To find info on online game tournaments, you can search through the various gamer communities available. Or it could be by looking for information through online gaming media on the internet.

  1. Create a Gaming YouTube Channel

If you are interested in working as a gamer, you can also create a YouTube gaming channel. In addition to being able to channel hobbies, this activity can also provide you with income. Especially if the YouTube channel has been monetized. From there you can also earn.

To create a YouTube gaming channel, you can focus on one game theme first. The aim is that branding your channel is formed and you can focus on working on a YouTube channel theme. For example, you can create channels and videos with game themes that you like. For example, if you like playing PUBG Mobile, then you can specifically make videos about PUBG Mobile.

In addition to consistently making videos, don’t forget to promote your videos and channel. The goal is that you can immediately get a lot of video viewers.

  1. Play and Top Up Your Favorite Game

The fifth activity idea, of course, is that you can fill your free time by playing your favorite game. Besides being a time filler, this activity is also fun. Not only playing games, you can also top up the game. Talking about top up games, of course you can rely on UniPin to top up your favorite online games.
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