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4 Best Movie Streaming Places To Watch Online

Need ideas to fill your spare time at home? Maybe you can enjoy the time while watching your favorite movie. Want to stream movies easily, practically, and of course legally? Let’s use the following four streaming service providers.

In this article, we discuss 4 of the best movie streaming sites. You can rely on it to watch movies online practically. Curious about anything? Check out the following reviews.

1. Netflix

One of the most popular and favorite streaming platforms is Netflix. You must be familiar with Netflix. Through Netflix, you can watch various movie shows practically. With its large and extensive collection, Netflix is ​​a favorite of many.

You can access Netflix services from various platforms. Starting from WL, smart tvlaptops, tab, and computers. In addition to being accessible from the application on WLYou can also access Netflix directly at For you Korean drama lovers, documentaries, or movie lovers, you will definitely enjoy using Netflix.


2. Mola TV

Another streaming place you can rely on is Mola TV. Not only can you be used to stream movies, you can also rely on Mola to watch various other shows. Call it sports shows, documentaries, tv shows, and much more. You can also access the Mola TV service on the web Compared to Netflix, Mola’s subscription package is much cheaper. For example, you can start subscribing to Mola TV for only Rp. 12,500 per month.

As a streaming connoisseur, you can choose various Mola TV subscription package the most suitable for you. Now for Mola subscription, you don’t have to bother. Because through UniPin you can immediately subscribe to Mola TV easily and practically.

Here’s how to quickly subscribe to Mola TV via UniPin.

  1. Make sure you already have an account on Mola TV. If you don’t have an account, you can register first.
  2. Go to web, then go to the page subscribe to Mola TV.
  3. Enter your Mola TV account email. Then select the desired subscription package.UniPin sun tv subscription
  4. Then you can specify the payment method to be used. You can pay using credit, use virtual bank account transfers, use e-wallet (GoPay, OVO, DANA, ShopeePay, and others), can pay via Indomaret/Alfamart, and various other payment methods.Mola subscription payment method
  5. Next, confirm the purchase by entering your email, then make the payment.
  6. After successful payment, your Mola TV subscription package will be active.


Furthermore, there is also the streaming platform. You can use to stream various shows, such as sports shows, tv shows, and of course also movies. Video services can be accessed through the application at smartphone or through the website.

For those of you who want to subscribe to videos easily, you can too buy video vouchers on UniPin.


4. Google Play Movies

Furthermore, you can also watch or stream movies via Google Play. For Android users, this can be one of the best ways of streaming. Not only for purchasing games or applications, you can also use Google Play to buy or rent the films you want to watch.

To access Google Play Movies, you can open Google Play. Whether it’s through the Play Store application or the web Then you just go to the menu movies. There you will find a large collection of films that you can buy or rent.

Google Play Movies

The difference between renting and buying is that if you buy a movie on Google Play, you can save the movie for the future. But if you only rent, then you can only watch the film for a certain period of time. The collection of movies on Google Play is also quite complete. You can easily watch popular movies like Frozen, Spiderman, Cars, Joker, and many more.

To rent or buy movies on Google Play, you can use various payment methods available on the Play Store. One of them is that you can use Google Play vouchers to buy movies on the Play Store. For buy Google Play vouchersyou can also buy practically and easily on UniPin.

So from now on you don’t need to be confused and bothered anymore if you want stream or watch movies online. Just take advantage of the various movie streaming platforms that are widely available on the internet. For the need for purchasing streaming vouchers, you can rely on services from UniPin.

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