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3 Tips and Best Time to Buy Players on PES Mobile

When playing PES Mobile, of course we want to get the best collection of players. Especially if we have an idol club, then of course we really want to collect players from our idol club. But to get the target player, obviously not easy. Not only that, some players sometimes have to spend more money to buy PES Mobile coins, so they can buy the players they want.

So, when is the best time to buy players on PES Mobile? In this article, we will discuss the best tips and moments to buy the target player in the game.

1. When there is a special event for your favorite club

The best chance to get targeted players is when there is a special event from your favorite club. For example, if you are a Real Madrid fan, then you can wait for the moment when there is a special Real Madrid event. Thus, you have a greater chance of getting Real Madrid club players in PES Mobile.

When the moment comes, you can get POTW (player of the week) from the club you idolize. Although not all players can be obtained, at least you have a greater chance. So you can maximize the use of PES Mobile coins that you have.

In addition, when you successfully recruit the week’s featured players (POTW), you will get players with higher skills than other regular players.

2. When There is a Legend Player Special Event

The second best moment to buy players on PES is when there is a special legend agent event. At that moment, you have the opportunity to get legendary players in PES. Call it the names of legends such as Maradona, Nedved, Casillas, Del Piero, and so on. Interestingly, we don’t have to use coins to buy these legendary players. We can also use GP points. Of course this is good because it will save the use of our PES coins.

So actually we don’t need to rush to buy players. We can wait until there is a special event for legend players on PES Mobile. This is a golden opportunity to get star players without having to use coins. In addition, the opportunities are also wide open, especially if you are lucky.

3. When You Need A Target Player

pes mobile target player
In addition to the two times we have mentioned, of course you can buy players when your team really needs players. For example, if you feel that your team lacks strikers, then you can buy players on PES Mobile. Or when you feel that the performance of your team’s midfielders is not top-notch, then you can consider recruiting new players. Of course, as players, we want to build a football team of the highest quality.

Besides playing PES Mobile, you can also play PES on PC/laptop/console. You can use the Steam platform to purchase PES games. If you want to shop for games on Steam, don’t forget to fill steam wallet first. To top up your Steam Wallet, you can buy Steam vouchers at

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Practical and Easy Solution for Pes Mobile Top Up

To make player purchases in PES, we can use GP Points or use PES coins. There are several ways to get the PES coin. Starting from the daily login bonus, by getting coins during special events, or of course by top up PES Mobile.

If you want to top up PES Mobile in a practical and easy way, you can use Google Play vouchers. Especially if you play PES Mobile on Android. For you PES Mobile iOS players, you can also use iTunes Gift Cards or other payment methods available on the App Store.

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