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3 Easy Ways to Get Diamonds in Zombie Tsunami Game

One of the mobile games that are fun to play and suitable to be used to fill spare time is the Zombie Tsunami game. With a simple plot and gameplay, this game is a favorite for many mobile game players. Not surprisingly, this game gets a fairly high rating on the Play Store, namely

Although it can be played for free and easily, sometimes we need diamonds. Which diamond we can use to purchase various items in the game. So, how easy is it to get diamonds in the Zombie Tsunami game? Here we will discuss 3 easy ways.

  1. Daily Login to Zombie Tsunami Game

The first and sure way to get diamonds is to log in every day to the Zombie Tsunami game. By logging in every day, we will get daily rewards in the form of diamonds (diamonds). Although the amount is not much, but if you collect it in the end it will also be good and you can use it. So, don’t hesitate to log in every day in the Zombie Tsunami game.
daily rewards zombie tsunami

  1. Watching Video Ads on Zombie Tsunami Game

The second alternative way that you can use to get diamonds is by watching advertising videos in the game. After watching the ad video for a certain time, you will get diamonds directly. Later you can collect the diamond and use it.

To watch ad videos and get diamonds, you can do the following steps.

  • Enter the Zombie Tsunami game, then go to the menu market.
  • Then go to the diamond section, then click the option free diamonds. Next click the button free to start watching ads.
  • After you finish watching the ad, you will immediately get diamonds.

Although this method is practical, you need to sacrifice a little time watching ads to get diamonds.
watch ads to get diamonds

  1. Top Up and Buy Diamond Zombie Tsunami

The most effective and foremost way is to top up the Zombie Tsunami game. Although you have to spend money, this method is the most practical and easy. Without having to bother watching ads or waiting for the daily login bonus, you will immediately get the diamonds you want.

In the Zombie Tsunami game, there are many options for purchasing diamonds. Among them:

  • 50 diamonds, can be purchased at a price of 22 thousand.
  • 140 diamonds, the price is around 55 thousand.
  • 300 diamonds, the top up price is around 112 thousand.
  • 000 diamonds, can be purchased at a price of around 348 thousand.
  • Up to 3,500 diamonds can be purchased at a price of around 1.12 million.

To make a diamond purchase, you can use various payment methods. For example, you can use credit, use a credit/debit card, or use a Google Play voucher. By using a Google Play voucher, you can buy or top up all Android games easily and practically through Google Play.

Google Play Vouchers can be found in various places. One of them you can buy directly on UniPin. You will get the Google Play voucher code later redeem (exchange) to top up various Android games that you play.
choose chip nominal

So, those are 3 practical and easy ways to get Zombie Tsunami diamonds. Good luck and happy gaming!

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