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3 Best Places to Learn How to Play Mobile Legends

Are you looking for a tutorial to play Mobile Legends (ML)? If you are still a beginner in playing MLBB, you don’t need to worry. Because there are various places that you can use to learn how to play ML. In this article, we will discuss some of the places that you can take advantage of. Curious? Let’s check this article right away.

Here are 3 places you can use to start learning about Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

1. Guide from the Mobile Legends Website

The first place you can use is the official Mobile Legends website. You can access it at the address: There is a special menu named guides. Through this menu, you can access various MLBB playing guides. Especially the guide about MLBB heroes.

menu guides

Let’s explore further. You can check directly on the official MLBB website. There is a guide in the form of pictures or videos. For example in the graphic, you will find various guides. Examples of guides around:

  • Battlefield updates.
  • Hero Academy (you can use it to learn about MLBB heroes).

Then in the hero menu, you can see the complete list of Mobile Legends heroes. You will find various categories of heroes, ranging from assassin, tanks, fighters, mage, marksmanand support. To see detailed info about a hero, just click on the image of the hero you want.

mlbb heroes list

Take advantage of this facility to learn about the heroes you want to learn. You can start by learning about your favorite heroes.

Still on the page guides earlier, you will also find various videos from YouTuber Mobile Legends. You can watch and learn these videos.

2. YouTube Channel Mobile Legends Indonesia

The second place you can use is the Mobile Legends Indonesia YouTube channel. This is the official channel of Mobile Legends. As MLBB gamers, you can also subscribe to this channel. There is a lot of interesting content that you can get. Some examples of interesting content, for example:

  • MLBB new skins videos,
  • new heroes videos,
  • spotlight heroes,
  • Mobile Legends events,
  • And don’t miss of course the tutorial heroes.

How, interesting right? Make sure you follow the YouTube channel. When this article was written, the YouTube channel has already gained more than 2 million subscribers.

youtube mobile legends indonesia

3. UniPin Blog

Next, you can also take advantage of the UniPin blog. In this blog there are many articles about Mobile Legends. You can see more details here:

A collection of available Mobile Legends articles includes:

  • Hero reviews and tutorials,
  • Reviews / reviews about MLBB games,
  • Mobile Legends items,
  • Mobile Legends Tips,
  • And of course there are also the latest promos for top up ML from UniPin.

To see tutorials about heroes, you just have to direct your attention to the section heroes.

heroes mlbb blog unipin

Tips for Learning to Play MLBB for Beginners

In addition to the three places above, you can also learn directly with your friends who have already played this game. You can learn directly while learning how they play. Equally important, make sure to continue to hone your skills. The more often you play, the more experience and skills you can get.

Like any skill, of course it must be continuously trained. Some basic things that you can learn for example about:

In addition, you can also learn how to play and tips from pro players. Who knows you can be great like them. How, interested in trying? Happy gaming huh.

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