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3 Best Counter Heroes Karina Mobile Legends Games

Karina is one of the most flexible assassin heroes in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. Although many players choose combat heroes and tanks as jungler roles, Shadow Blade is still the right choice in ranked and competitive games.

That’s because he still deals a lot of damage even with defensive items thanks to his passive, Shadow Combo which deals real damage every time it hits the same target a third time.

Fortunately, there are many heroes who can stop him in the game. Here are three heroes who can be the best karinaa counters in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

3 Strong Heroes Against Karina in Mobile Legends


Fight true damage with true damage.

Like Karina, X.Borg deals true damage with his 1st skill, Fire Miissiles. What makes him stronger against Karina is that he doesn’t rely too much on basic attacks because this skill can fight Dance of Blades.

X.Borg is also a savage hero. The longer the fight, the more powerful the fire missiles. Once he has low HP, X.Borg can quickly cast Last Insanity to secure a kill.


While most of the mage heroes will lose against Karina, except for Lylia. Skilled player Lylia can time her Shadow Energy and Magic Shockwave combo to deal damage and slow down her opponent.

If Shadow Blade manages to get close and eat up some of Lylia’s HP, she can use Black Shoes to recover most of her health and reset her Shadow Energy costs. Don’t be fooled by her cute appearance, Lylia is one of the toughest heroes in the Land of Dawn.


As a hero who is good at long team battles, Karina is not very good against burst damage heroes, and one of the best burst damage heroes in the current meta is none other than Eudora.

Although most of Karina’s players now opted for a tanker build, Eudora could only build a Divine Glaive to deal considerable damage. Once Eudora reached level four, one combo was enough to destroy her.

Eudora players fighting Karina had to choose the battle spell Flame Shot or Flicker, as she had no escape skills.

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