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2 Cheats Skin Mobile Legends 2022

Mobile Legends Skin Cheats

Mobile Legends Skin Cheats – Mobile Legends is a game made by Moonton with various heroes, skins and more.

Talking about Mobile Legends you can’t have these skins for free so you have to use one method.

That is by cheating on the Mobile Legends skin if you don’t want to top up at a fairly expensive price.

Especially in an online game like Mobile Legends, you really need a skin to survive in the game.

Well, therefore we will describe an easier trick to get skins on Mobile Legend.

In this article, we will discuss about the Mobile Legends skin cheat, so stay tuned for this review until the end.

Mobile Legends Skin Cheats

1. How to Cheat Skin Mobile Legends with Lulubox

How to Cheat Skin Mobile Legends with Lulubox
How to Cheat Skin Mobile Legends with Lulubox
Getting Mobile Legends skins for free is one of the most profitable things for Mobile legends players.

Because then, you no longer need to top up to buy Diamonds so most people prefer to cheat.

To use the Mobile Legends skin cheat, you have to download Mobile Legends MOD named Lulubox.

After that you can take the steps to do a cheat skin with Lulubox below:

  • The first step, please download and install the Lulubox application via the link we have provided below (Download Lulubox App – Free Mod Game).
  • After that open the application and you will get various game MODs that have been provided, then you just select the “Mobile Legends: Bang Bang“.
  • In that option you just need to download the plugin “Infinite Skins Mode” then enable it to maximize the game.
  • If you have tapped the “Play” and you will be asked to create a new character.
  • Done.

2. Cheat Skin Mobile Legends with AG Injctor

Mobile Legends Skin Cheats
Cheat Skin Mobile Legends with AG Injctor
Using cheats in a game is an illegal way so your account will be banned if it is found out.

Therefore, you should use a second account if you want to use cheats to be more careful.

The next method this time is still using a third-party application called AG Injector.

If you want to use expensive skins and interesting effects, then take advantage of this AG Injector application.

However, unfortunately the skin you use can only be seen by you and not visible to other players.

In addition, you also will not get additional attributes when using skins, but if you are curious you can try it.

Well, for more details, here are the steps on how to cheat Mobile Legends skin with AG Injector below:

  • The first step, please download the AG Injector application via the following link Click here.
  • If you have installed it, open the application and select the hero you want to change its appearance.
  • After that, several choices of skins that can be used will appear, then click the skin you want to use.
  • Done.

The final word

That’s the whole content of our discussion about how to cheat ML skin by using the Lulubox and AG Injector applications.

You can try using one of these applications to cheat on the Mobile Legends game and see the difference.

That way you no longer need to waste money to top up Mobile Legends skins.

You only need to cheat skin on Mobile Legends by using one of the tricks above.

This is the information we can share with you about Mobile Legends skin cheats in this article. Hopefully useful and good luck.

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