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14 Beginner MOBA Tips You Should Know Games

Mobile Legends is a mobile game for gamers who like MOBA genre games. These tips will help you to play it easily

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, or better known as MLBB, is one of the biggest mobile games today. The gameplay is similar to League of Legends. However, of course, this game has been simplified to be suitable for mobile devices.

MLBB is easy for MOBA veterans to understand, but can be a great experience for gamers new to the genre. Five years later, the game has undergone many updates and beginners can be confused by the large selection of heroes. But don’t worry. Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is easy to play once players learn the basics.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang continues to introduce new updates that can completely change the way you play. For example, a few years ago Meta was a sniper in the middle lane, but nowadays the middle lane is run by a mage. The biggest change so far is the change in roaming and jungling methods. This change may seem confusing at first, but it’s actually really easy to use. For players new to Mobile Legends, this list has been updated to summarize some of the most important things they need to know about the game.


Understand Minion Lanes

Previously, Minion Lanes in Mobile Legends were no different. However, there are now two different paths with different resource bonuses. This path is called the Gold and EXP path. The EXP Lane will always match the first Turtle Lane and the Siege Minions in this row will give you an extra 50% EXP.

Meanwhile, Gold Lane has a 50% gold bonus. Marksman and Tank/support usually go to Gold Lane, while EXP is protected by solo fighters.


Be Careful With Upgraded Minions

When the game first starts, the minions are weak and die easily. They get stronger as the match progresses, but these enemies are still agile. However, they have a display that players of a larger size can easily see. Of course, in this case both of them were stronger and could take more hits before they fell. These minions can easily overwhelm opponents with long cooldown skills.

To get this super minion, players must destroy the opponent’s turret base (the tower near the base). In addition, if one kills a Lord, the allied Minions receive a one-level increase.


Remember This Is A Tower Game (Turret)

Mobile Legends has a scoring system to determine the MVP of the match. Currently, the system greatly favors ADC units that can kill many enemies. This can lead to some people being obsessed with overkill. Unfortunately, MLBB is basically a Tower or Turret game, so if players want to win, they have to remember to destroy enemy Turrets and destroy enemy Bases.

Of course, it is very difficult to chase the enemy. However, in the long run, it will be very detrimental to the progress of pushing the team.


Destroying the Turret Will Get Gold

It is important to remember that if the protected Turret is damaged during the match, the player can get gold in the first 5 minutes of the game. Players get 1 gold for every 10 damage, up to 500 gold this way. So don’t miss the chance to destroy the Turret to force the opponent to retreat.

You need to remember not to be too pushy. Heroes around the AoE Turret will take 15% less damage, so approach enemies with caution.


Emblem Talent Can Make Hero Adjustments

Like the emblems found in Pokemon Unite, Mobile Legends has an emblem that can be given to heroes before the battle begins. There are 9 types of emblems in total. You can level up each to level 60.

The most important part of Emblems is that players can customize each emblem to suit the Hero and their playing style. In addition, each has a special talent. Physical emblems and magic emblems have 2 special talents and the other 7 have 3 talents. If players know which heroes need talent, they can help the gameplay in Land of Dawn.


Level Up To Unlock Battle Spells

Most battle spells will be locked for new players. The final battle spell, Vengeance, can be unlocked at level 23. However, the two most popular spells, Flameshot and Flickr, are unlocked at levels 17 and 19, respectively.

Flicker is used to directly teleport short distances. This is very important for chasing and escaping from enemies. On the other hand, Flameshot can shoot enemies from a distance and push enemies away if they get too close to the Hero. To level up quickly, players can double the EXP they receive from items.


Turtle and Lord

There are two big monsters that Mobile Legends players have to watch out for. Turtles and Lords.


  • Appears after three minutes and exits after seven minutes
  • Killing the Turtle grants the Turtle buff to the killer


  • Appears after nine minutes of play
  • Lord will fight together with the assassin team and open the opportunity to destroy the opponent’s Turret

Killing Turtles and Lords rewards the entire team with EXP and Gold. However, killing this monster was not easy. Therefore, players must summon their teammates to defeat the boss together.


Buffs and Creeps

Just like MOBAs in general, Mobile Legends has several buffs that players can take advantage of. The first two are usually called blue and red buffs.

  • Blue buff Provides cooldown and reduces Mana cost
  • Red Buff can slow down the enemy’s path while dealing more damage

Some heroes can greatly benefit from this buff, while others don’t need it at all. Therefore, the player must allow the hero who needs to increase the buff to get it. In addition, the other two creeps provide a bit of a buff. Crab and Lithowanderer.

  • Gold Buff given by crab gives 10 gold every 3 seconds
  • Defeating Lithhowanderer creates Walkie Grass. It recovers 1% mana per second to nearby Allied Heroes.


Know Your Role

There are 6 different roles available in Mobile Legends. Each of these roles has the best path to:

  • Mages usually in Mid Lane. In the middle, you can easily help the upper and lower paths
  • Marksman rely heavily on their equipment, so you have to get gold lane.
  • Fighter need path EXP to level up instantly.
  • Assassin usually camping in the forest
  • Tank and Support have to go around the map to help their teammates.

Knowing the roles will greatly improve team synergy, allowing gamers to win more easily.


Enemy Equipment

During each game, players can check everyone’s equipment. This may seem difficult to a beginner, but it is an important habit. There are three types of damage in Mobile Legends; magic, physicsl, and True Damage. Each has its own counter.

For example, if most of the enemies are hero mages, then Magic Defense will increase significantly. On the other hand, if the enemy uses mage defense, the mage can buy equipment with Magic PEN. This allows you to ignore your opponent’s defenses.


Don’t underestimate Equipment Combo

MLBB equipment is not as good as other MOBAs. However, new players should not underestimate it. There are things that go well together.

Let’s take this equipment as an example:

  • Clock of Destiny increase the maximum mana for heroes
  • Lightning Truncheon deals damage that can affect the hero’s maximum mana

When the two are paired, Lightning Truncheon deals a lot of damage and allows the Mage to attack Squishy’s hero with one hit. There are many other combinations that players can try. Knowing what each piece of equipment does is one of the most important skills to be successful in the game.


Utilize Hero Skills Well and Correctly

Before using a hero in a match, you should first learn the skills of the hero. If reading is difficult, players can also use the Training Ground to test hero skills. To access it, go to Training Camp and select training.

Some skills are lock-on skills which means they will definitely hit the enemy without having to aim. While some require players to strategically target their punches to ensure maximum damage. The ability to predict enemy movements will be very useful here.


Understand What is Roam and Jungle

In the latest update Mobile Legends: Bang Bang faced a very good gameplay change. Currently, there is a big difference between roaming heroes and junglers. Roam and Jungler equipment integrated into boots


  • Hero will not get Gold and EXP from creeps/minions if there are allies around in the first 9 minutes
  • In exchange, Gold and EXP are awarded to the lowest ally.
  • Each team only has 1 Roam Item
  • Usually used by Tanks and Support


  • Get 25% more Gold and EXP when killing Creep
  • Reduce 50% of Gold and EXP gained from killing minions
  • Can be purchased if the hero uses a Battle Spell, Retribution
  • It is not recommended that there are many junglers in 1 team
  • Usually used by Hero Assassin, Fighter, and Marksman


Be Careful With Microtransactions

Apart from the gameplay, new players should be wary of microtransactions in Mobile Legends. This business model is applied to games for various cosmetics; Emotes, recall effects, avatar frames, skins, etc.

Each hero in the game has a different skin that players can get. Most can be purchased through the store, but some involve gacha. For example, with collector skins, the microtransactions collected amount to about 5000 diamonds. Unless players are willing to pay $100 for a single skin, they should avoid this dangerous feature.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang available on Android and iOS.

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