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10 Best Multiplayer Games on Xbox Game Pass 2022

As we know, Xbox Game Pass has hundreds of titles (including Xbox One exclusive games) on its service for players to download and play. This is the right choice for gamers who are bad at making decisions.

And if you’re looking for multiplayer gaming, whether co-op or competitive, Xbox Game Pass has a wide variety of games to cover almost every taste, but if you’re looking for absolute gaming among the multiplayer options, you’re in luck!

Today, we’re going to list the best Xbox Game Pass Multiplayer games of 2022. What are they? Let’s just take a look below.

10. ARK: Survival Evolved

  • Estimated game duration: Not known
  • Genre: Action-Adventure Survival
  • Developer: Studio Wildcard
  • X|S Enhanced: Yes
  • File Size: 125 GB (September 2022)

Thanks to the success of games like Rust, the thriving market for survival games has produced some amazing titles over the last few years.

ARK: Survival Evolved is one such example that continues to grow and improve with each new update. Makes this game a lot of fun, and the inclusion of tamable dinosaurs adds to the gameplay experience that’s different than ever.

The Explorer’s Edition found on Xbox Game Pass includes the season pass and all of the game’s DLC, so you have access to almost everything the game has to offer.

Not only that, but the game has also been optimized for the latest consoles, allowing S or X Series owners to enjoy ARK in stunning 4K resolution.

9. Overcooked! 2

  • Estimated game duration: 8 hours
  • Genre: Cooking Simulation
  • Developer: Team17, Ghost Town Games
  • X|S Enhanced: No
  • File Size: 8GB

Cartoon art style featured in Overcooked! 2 might suggest to some that this is a no-load game designed for kids.

This game can be very stressful and requires a lot of organization and planning to overcome its many challenges. Trying to do it with friends only makes for a more hectic and chaotic experience.

Team17 has always excelled when it comes to multiplayer gaming and overcooked titles are another example of this.

Unlike in the Worms series, in Overcooked, players must work together to ensure that orders are fulfilled on time rather than messing with each other with all kinds of weird weapons.

8. Dead By Daylight

  • Estimated game duration: 3-7 Minutes (Per Match)
  • Genre: Survival Horror
  • Developer: Behavior Interactive
  • X|S Enhanced: Yes
  • File Size: 53 GB (September 2022)

The asymmetrical horror game, Dead By Daylight, features four survivors trying to escape a terrible nightmare while an evil Killer tries to kill them.

At face value, the game itself is relatively simple. With lots of advantages and customization for both sides, it allows you to really get into the weeds if you want.

Dead By Daylight also lets you choose specific matchmaking to become a Killer or Survivor, so if you prefer one, like Killer. So, this game can make you a Killer

7. Forza Horizon 4

Photo: Steam
  • Estimated game duration: 13 Hours
  • Genre: Racing Simulation
  • Developer: Playground Games
  • X|S Enhanced: Yes
  • File Size: 80GB (September 2022)

In addition to being one of the best racing games, Forza Horizon 4 features a wide variety of multiplayer events from competitive and cooperative racing to the Forzathon event, where racers work together to complete missions.

The in-game racing is phenomenal and the car customization is deep. While the open world features other people driving in it and all in-game races can be unlocked for multiplayer so other gamers can join you.

6. Gears 5

  • Estimated game duration: 11 Hours
  • Genre: Third-Person Shooter/Action-Adventure
  • Developer: The Coalition
  • X|S Enhanced: Yes
  • File Size: 97 GB (September 2022)

The fifth major release in the Gears of War series, Gears 5 is one of the best games released this year and it came to Xbox Game Pass on day one. The multiplayer in this version is excellent, highly refined, and provides options for every type of player.

This game still features the top ranked playlist for Gnasher lovers out there, but it also features an arcade playlist which is a more casual and fast-paced TDM style mode.

Besides that, Horde is back with an improved skill system through Gears of War 4 and Escape makes for a pretty interesting break from other modes.

5. Hello: The Master Chief Collection

  • Estimated game duration: Not known
  • Genre: First-Person Shooter
  • Developer: 343 Industries
  • X|S Enhanced: Yes
  • File Size: 151 GB (September 2022)

Halo: The Master Chief Collection is the best multiplayer experience available on Xbox Game Pass, This game has a co-op mode for all five campaigns currently in it and has multiplayer from the three excellent Halo titles and Halo 4 is also available.

Besides that, this game also gets additional Halo Reach. The multiplayer matchmaking has been updated, so there are now options that are highly customizable for the type of match you’re in and matchmaking now works really well.


  • Estimated game duration: 30 Minutes (average per match)
  • Genre: Battle Royale
  • Developer: PUBG Corporation
  • X|S Enhanced: No
  • File Size: 24 GB (September 2022)

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) was one of the pioneers of the Battle-Royale genre, to the point of being seen as the inspiration for the Fortnite mode. While newer titles may have refined the formula and made it more popular, PUBG still has unrivaled gameplay.

This game is more about survival and the match per match is quite long. PUBG is more interested in long matches, much more tactical, than the other versions. Meanwhile for the Xbox version of PUBG it has reached a point where the game works well.

3. Shadow Warrior 2

  • Estimated game duration: 10 hours
  • Genre: First-Person Shooter
  • Developer: Flying Wild Hog
  • X|S Enhanced: No
  • File Size: 6GB (September 2022)

Shadow Warrior 2 is probably one of the less popular titles on this list. With a Borderlands-style title, this humorous and looter shooter can be played in 4 people in co-op mode.

The shooting and all the weapons feel great to use and the story is really funny and interesting enough to keep you engaged.

The game dives deep into the “fun game” mentality and makes for an excellent romp for 4 people. This is a very good and underplayed game.

2. World War Z

  • Estimated game duration: 10 hours
  • Genre: Third-Person Shooter
  • Developer: Saber Interactive
  • X|S Enhanced: No
  • File Size: 25 GB (September 2022)

World War Z has captured Left 4 Dead’s gameplay fairly well in a modern title and made some really engrossing co-op zombie kills. This game allows you to play single-player mode but playing alone will not be as fun as playing with friends.

World War Z also has a great progression system, which makes the level of combat even higher. For example from difficult to very difficult. Apart from that, this game also has great matchmaking and makes it very easy to get together with other players.

1. Star Wars: Squadrons

  • Estimated game duration: 10 hours
  • Genre: Space Flight Simulation
  • Developer: Motive Studios
  • X|S Enhanced: Yes
  • File Size: 24 GB (September 2022)

If you’re looking for an airplane simulator game that’s deep enough to match your competitive multiplayer passion, then Star Wars: Squadrons is definitely the game.

The actual flight mechanics and controls are complex enough to provide a challenging curve, but neither approachable nor insurmountable. Whether siding with the Rebel Alliance or the Empire, the choice of Star Wars ships will be placed according to your wishes, and according to certain tactical roles.

The multiplayer modes range from team-based aerial combat (essentially team deathmatch) to the longer, more objective “Fleet Battles”, where both teams aim to defeat and destroy the other’s capital ship.

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