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10 Best CODM Weapons to Defeat the Enemy

As games genre first person shooter (FPS), Call of Duty mobile (CODM) provides various types of weapons, ranging from assault rifles, sub machine guns, sniper rifles, shotguns, until light machine gun. The more choices, the better, but it also makes players feel confused about choosing the best weapon.

If I may give advice, here are 10 best weapon CODM which you can use to destroy the enemy.

best codm guns

1. PDW-57

Have damage high, even equivalent to sniper rifle makes PDW-57 into one of the best weapon in CODM. The PDW-57 is more suitable for close combat. Behind its advantages, the PDW-57 also has a disadvantage, namely its target accuracy is relatively low with recoil tall one.

But don’t worry, these shortcomings can still be covered with perk and attachments the good one. Several types attachments recommended is Foregrip to reduce recoil and increase accuracy, Long Barrel-AR which is able to increase range shots, and Laser Sight to balance accuracy and aim.

2. Arctic-25

Arctic-25 is a type weapon sniper rifles which is suitable for shooting enemies from afar. Moreover, Arctic-25 is equipped with binoculars that can help players determine the target position.

Even if the Arctic-25 has superior shooting abilities, you can still make this weapon into one over-powered by adding attachments such as Tactical Scope, Stock, Suppressor, and Extended Mag.

When detailed more clearly, the Arctic-25 is capable of producing damage of 85, accuracy of 60, range 95, fire rate 30, and mobility 50.

3. Striker

As a type weapon shotguns, Striker is very effective when used to target the opponent from close range. When competing in folder narrow, you can also use this one weapon.

To improve Striker performance, select attachments the best like Extended Mag which can increase bullet capacity, Long Barrel to increase range by 10, and Laser Sight to increase accuracy by 10.

If you have point more no harm in buying skin Strikers like skin red and lightwave.


Best weapons CODM next is MSMC which is included in the category sub machine guns (SMG). MSMC can only be used when the player reaches level 33. Speaking of shortcomings, recoil MSMC is fairly large so this weapon will feel difficult to control if you are not used to it.

To overcome the weakness, you can add attachments in the form of Foregrip to reduce recoilLaser Sight, Extended Magazine, and Red Dot Sight.

good weapon in codm

One more thing, MSMC’s performance to target enemies at medium to high distances is unreliable. Therefore, do not do long-range shots if you want to save bullets.

5. BK57

You could say BK57 is the latest version of the M4 weapon. Even though it is classified as one of the best CODM guns, however BK57 is rarely used because it opens at high levels. Judging from its type, the BK57 is a weapon assault riffles with high accuracy and firing speed. Damage the result is painful.

There are 4 . in total attachments which are suitable for BK57, namely Stock, FMJ, Red Dot Sight, and Foregrip. To get a more beautiful look available purple fashion skins and ancient runes.

6. TYPE-25

Just like the previous point, TYPE-25 is a type weapon assault rifles which is widely used byplayer because it feels effective to finish off the enemy. The quality of the TYPE-25 can also be improved by adding attachments such as Foregrip, FMJ, and Fast Mag.

To beautify the appearance of the TYPE-25, you can use skin available like skin deep sharks, pinstripesand technologic with a predominance of black and yellow.

7. AK47

The presence of the AK47 in games genre battle royale is commonplace, even the AK47 has been named the best weapon for shooting games. The quality of the AK47’s shots is very accurate and effective at paralyzing the enemy. So, it’s not surprising that the AK47 is categorized as a sick weapon in CODM.

Not satisfied with the performance of the AK47? You can install attachments such as FMJ, Foregip, Tactical Scope, and Fast Mag. Besides, the existence perk as lightweight, trackerand hardline can also maximize the performance of the AK47.

8. M4

Good news for players who have just entered the initial level, M4 can be played when you are at level 2. M4 includes weapons assault rifle with good accuracy. So that M4 works more optimally, you can add attachments in the form of FMJ, Foregip, Tactical Scope, and Extended Mag.

Another way to improve M4 quality is to install perk. A number of perk suitable for M4 is fast recover, vulnerabilityand hardline. If attachments and perk has been added, you can become a shooter in the field.

9. M16

If you’re not very good at taming the AK47, instead you can use the M16 which is also included best weapon CODM. The advantage of the M16 is that it has two shots namely single fire for short to medium range combat and burst fire for long range shots.

If you want to increase the capacity of the M16, select attachments in the form of FMJ to increase damage by 10, Stock to increase mobility +10, and Foregip if you want to increase accuracy by 10.

If you are not satisfied with the M16’s original appearance, it’s better to use skin existing like skin evil clown dominated by purple or skin marine blue.

10. S36

When you play on a narrow map, a weapon that can shoot at close range like the S36 is needed. S36 is light machine guns most powerful among other LMG weapons with fire rate and damage promising.

Install attachments in the form of Tactical Scope, FMJ, Foregip, and Extended Mag if you want the S36 to work even better. The details of the S36 specifications are: damage 75, fire rate 35, accuracy 50, mobility 40, and range 50.

Thus 10 best weapons CODM which you can use if you want to win the game. In addition to the list of weapons above, CODM still has many other fighting tools with their respective advantages and disadvantages.

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