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Top 10 Best Garena AOV Heroes Season now 2022

Garena Aov has ended the season now entering a more exciting season this year. Aov’s best hero in this season is an option to push to increase rank to diamond. Of course, the following Hero recommendations for you true Aov players.

This Aov made by Garena certainly has competitiveness with other MOBAs on the mobile platform. Heavy competitors with mobile legends become fanatics who favor each other. Super smooth and clear graphics and skill effects that are not monotonous are the main attractions of this Aov game.

Best Aov Hero Recommendations

The best aov game heroes are certainly many with their own abilities. But we will provide a list of the latest hero choices that are still worth it to use in this latest season. Of course, it can make it easier for you to reach the conqueror rank.

1. Quillen

The best aov heroes

The first is the quillen hero who is often referred to as the kang butt expert. Quillen is included in the list of the best aov game heroes with all the abilities this hero has. Surely you will often find this hero in ranked matches.

In MOBA selfishness will be disastrous for the entire team while at war.

Has a unique skill that is critical and disappears the quillen advantage. When behind the enemy, Quillen will issue very painful critical damage. If you are a user mage or archer, you may have to be extra in dealing with opponents using this aov hero.

2. Richter

hero arena ovf valor hurts

Richter will be very hated when dealing with opponents, it’s always been like this. The skills of this best Aov hero are quite complete. From the start, Burst damage, control, mov speed has been equipped in him. Suitable as an over power hero in the Aov game.

Fill in what the team needs, not your own needs which apathetically injure the team composition.

However, for those who want to use your hero it will be a little difficult. Because combo skills and experience are needed in playing Richter. This hero is very suitable for use as a Sidelaner. Optionally can be a midlaner or jungle, hero op mah is free.

3. Tel’Annas

The best aov heroes

Having received a buff by the game maker himself, Tel’annas increased in terms of damage. This will make the skills of the best aov game heroes more effective and efficient to use in rank.

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Bullying opponent became one of the nicknames of Tel’annas. This aov hero has a pretty far hit range. It’s suitable to be a sidelaner with the opponent having close range skills with only skill 1 spending.

4. Zannis

Zannis best aov heroes

No different from the previous hero, Zannis got an increase in the previous patch. Damage and also heavy lifesteal from the results of the skills issued by this best Aov game hero. Zannis is ready to be used to make it easier to increase your rank.

If there is a chance, Hurry up to destroy the enemy tower to get a real victory.

True damage will be very effective to scorch heroes with thick blood. Zannis is more suitable to be a jungler on your team or another option as a sidelaner. The expenditure of skill 1 and the ball will be directly proportional to the passive.

5. Thane

The best aov heroes

If you don’t like heroes who have high damage or damage dealers, the best choice is to use thane. Thane became the idol of the Aov players, which was proven by the skills he released, which was very helpful.

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Thane makes you to fill the role of support. You can entrust the hero core to your team, you can support the team. The best game hero this season we recommend using Thane!.

6. Cresht

The best aov heroes

This shark stealth is also no less prestige and competitive to use from the bottom to the top rank. I recommend this best aov hero to use push rank. In this latest patch, Cresht is experiencing more of a buff in my opinion.

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You can fill up your rage which is used to unlock the ultimate faster than usual. Cresht is very tough on this patch and is ready to fill the midlane and sidelane positions.

7. Maloch

The best aov heroes

A hero who is rarely absent from regular draft picks, even in the same class as Tourney, is Maloch’s hero. This semi-warrior tank is a favorite because it does true damage and also a shield that is ready to attack or defend on the occupied lane.

You should be able to master all positions in the game. With each position at least master 2 heroes just in case.

Maloch is better placed as a sidelaner. Maloch as the best aov hero is ready to fight almost all the heroes in aov. You can just quick match and win quickly with hero maloch.

8. Joker

Joke game moba

Don’t forget to push ranked using this joker hero. As an old and senior hero, Joker is timeless. Joker is still very worth it using push rank, even though it got buffs and nerfs by the developer.

The skill of the Joker is very useful in eliminating opponents who are dealing with the joker. Attack speed will be tied when you issue an ulti with this best Aov game hero. How to play Joker can also use a full damage or sustained strategy.

9. Raz

Raz game moba

Raz has a hero type with mage mixed with assassins who are ready to help win the match. Raz is never dim to be used to fill the composition of the team. This is thanks to the skill abilities planted in this best Aov hero game.

Because it is not a type like chess, MOBA AoV relies on teamwork not individuals to get victory.

Raz has a one-time combo skill to eliminate enemies. High damage so as to shock the enemy, might die before realizing the arrival of this raz. Of course, this Raz is more directed to the Midlaner and can also indeed be used as a sidelaner.

10. Ignis

The best aov heroes

Ignis is still over power patched this time, guys. This mage had a very terrible buff turn and also a nerf that alternated every time. As one of the best mages crowned to Ignis.

Ignis is certainly very prime positioned as a midlaner. No need to play in the safe zone, you can be a little aggressive if you have found the best game hero named Ignis. Had become a banned subscription, sometimes Ignis was released by the opponent.

The final word

The aov hero recommended above, maybe you can use it easily at diamond rank down. Because if you enter the top rank, maybe the hero above mentioned above, I’m sure, will be banned by your team or opponent.

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