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This is how to play Tiki Taka (one Two) PES 2022 Mobile

There are various ways to play the PES Mobile game to win every game. How to Play Tiki Taka PES Mobile is the most popular so far. However, this technique has a high chance of getting a win. This technique allows us to outwit the opponent with our team’s unexpected moves.

In addition, the bait that is given between players can make the opponent not get the ball at all, and it is difficult to snatch it. This tiki taka technique is a recommended style of play that you must master, because this technique has proven to be effective for mastering the course of the game.

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How to Play Tiki Taka PES Mobile

How to pass and move PES Mobile or tiki taka is a little difficult to do. We need the right timing and the habit of controlling the players. Those of you who want to be able to do this popular technique can follow the steps below:

1. Pay Attention to Analog

The most important way to play Tiki Taka Pes Mobile is to direct the analog to the player to be fed. But the method is not like you do bait in general. If the feed is in general or ordinary feed you have to press the analog continuously.

As for tiki taka, you have to do special techniques and it does require a little mechanics. The trick is not to continuously press the analog when going to feed. You have to do a combination Press Anlaog > Hover > Drop accompanied by pressing the button Bait

2. Timing & Pay Attention to Special Signs

The next way to play PES Mobile tiki taka is that you have to have the right timing when making bait. So your ball is not taken by the opposing player when making a pass.

PES Mobile Ordinary Feed

Bait Tiki Taka PES Mobile

When doing the usual there are no special marks on the player. While on One Two or tiki taka feeds you will see special signs that appear on your players who are running around. The sign is a green arrow under the player’s foot. The appearance of this green arrow means that your tiki taka technique has succeeded

3. practice

To do this technique perfectly you have to practice often in PES Mobile practice mode. Besides that, you also have to apply it in online game mode against other players. If you have done the exercise often, you will become more proficient in using the tiki taka technique.

Remember experience is the best teacher. Therefore, the flying hours of playing PES Mobile games will also improve your abilities, including finding tiki taka tricks on PES Mobile. Don’t get tired of practicing and expect instant results, thinking like that will not make you grow let alone progress.

Even though it requires high flight hours and a lot of practice to master the tiki taka technique, you shouldn’t lose track of time and spend your days playing PES Mobile.

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