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This is the Best Magic Chess Mobile Legend Combo 2022

best combo magic chess mobile legend – Legends mobile game lovers may have understood correctly that the Magic chess game is getting here the more difficult it is.

But it won’t be too difficult if you already know a good and strongest computer to be able to face your opponent. For some novice players, it may be difficult to know exactly the best combo that can be used to play Magic chess.

If you want to get victory in the game Magic chess mobile legends then can get a good combo by knowing in advance.

best combo magic chess mobile legend
Magic Chess Mobile Legends

There’s no need to worry for some novice players who don’t know computers well, as follows: Magic chess combo

Mobile Legends that you can use to win.

Combo Magic Chess Mobile Legends

1. 6 Weapon Masters + 4 Ayss + 1 Support

Hero weapon Master consisting of 6 heroes namely Argus, Zilong, Terizla, Freya, and Martis Will be a quite deadly group when combined with 4 Abys namely Moskov, Argus, Terizla, and also Dyroth. Add one Support to make it more perfect whether it’s Rafaela or Angela.

That way you will get a Synergy combo that focuses on HP regeneration and amplifies damage to be able to enter all enemies.

2. 6 Mage + 3 Northern Vale + 2 Empire

Combos for the next Magic chess that you can use are 6 hero mages such as Odette, Harrid, Esmeralda, Aurora, Chang’e, and also Alice.

Combined with Northern Vale heroes, namely Freya, Aurora, and Masha. Add Empire heroes like Odette or Harris. This combination will focus on where to fill especially the Hero from the Mage role is known as one of the heroes who rely on skills.

With the two combos above you can get the best win with the Magic chess mobile Legends game. Actually there are also some other strongest combos that you can use.

But choosing one of the strongest combos above can help you get a faster victory in the Magic Chess Mobile Legends game. So try it first and hopefully useful.

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