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The Latest Free Fire Wallhack Cheat Tutorial Auto Easy BOOYAH

The cheat problem, it must be a strange feature. one of the odd but very useful cheats is wallhack free fire. Now, this wallhack really makes it easy for you to play free fire so you don’t mind

wallhack allows you to kill enemies by penetrating buildings whether it’s using weapons or cars. so that the enemy behind the wall can be easily killed

the name is wallhack, it definitely doesn’t make sense, so it will be very vulnerable to being reported and banned.

For that you can use this for fun. 1 or 2 matches is enough to satisfy your curiosity

FF Wallhack Cheats

if you want to have fun for a while, I’ll give you a way to cheat wallhack free fire. Oh yes, all the risks of being banned & sin, are not our responsibility yaa

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the first thing you have to do is download the APK Mod free fire Wallhack Here (44mb)

then follow the steps below

  1. Download APK MOD Free fire which I have given the link above
  2. Then go to the download folder, then extract The MOD APK. You can use ZArchiver to extract
  3. Enter the password: CREATE MY MBA
  4. Well then you go to Internal Memory >> Android >> OBB
  5. Then rename com.dts.freefireth Becomes com.dts.freefireth1
  6. Then you exit, then delete the free fire game
  7. Well then you go to the download folder then install APK MOD Free fire that you extracted earlier. the file is named MOD APK FREE FIRE OB20 V2
  8. if it’s already installed, you go back to Internal Memory >> Android >> OBB again
  9. then you rename the folder com.dts.freefireth1 Becomes com.dts.freefireth
  10. The FF cheat is complete, all you have to do is try it

You can try it right away for fun.

Well, a little review about this FF cheat.

So this is no ordinary Wallhack cheat. why? because the features that are presented are not only that. You will feel colored enemies so they are easy to identify

otherwise the building will be empty so the enemy cannot hide. but because this cheat doesn’t make sense, it’s only natural that this cheat is easily banned

So my advice if you intend to just try it, then use a new account. never cheat to increase rank yaa

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