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Shooting Tutorial with Volume Button in Latest PUBG Mobile

To be comfortable playing PUBG mobile, you can use attachments or additional tools in playing the game

some of the attachments above are in the form of gamepads, additional analogues, and the L1 R1 Button which is currently being popularly used because this button can be used easily to press the trigger button to shoot or commonly known as Triger shooting.

Just for info: now there is a rumor saying that using the l1r1 button can make our account banned. this is a rumour, guys.

All the existing attachments will certainly make you incur additional costs to normally use these buttons. However, behind the costs that you have spent, of course the benefits obtained will be equivalent to the costs that you have spent.

As for the L1 R1 Button, you gamers can use the volume buttons on your smartphone as the L1 R1 Button.

how to shoot using volume buttons in PUBG Mobile

Using this volume button as a trigger can help you make it easier and more comfortable when playing the PUBG Moblie game.

For a tutorial on how to shoot using the volume buttons on PUBG Mobile, see the following explanation for more details.

1. The first thing to do is, of course, download the Octopus application first. You can download it here

2. In the Octopus application there will be a selection of games to be used. If the game that will be used has not been entered into the application, then you can add it manually by using this method.
Press the button Add games then select Local Games select the PUBG game so you can run the game you want.

octopus pubg mobile

3. The next step is to tap on the Octopus icon.

pubg mobile volume

here is how it looks

shooting in pubg mobile

4 Then, delete the existing keys on the screen and leave only one key that is not deleted (or see the image below). Delete the key using the x key that is already on the screen.

5. There is a button that you can’t remove, that is the view mode button. Now you gamers can put this button in the corner of the screen to be more comfortable when playing games (see picture no. 6)

6. On the screen there is 1 key remaining. Tap on key it to change its function >
Tap on the volume up button until on the key there is a notification that states the text is VOLUME_UP

7. After that, adjust the key position so that it fits and feels comfortable when used for shooting. Setting this position will greatly affect the course of the game you are playing.

Therefore, if you adjust the key position correctly, then you will find it easier and more enjoyable when playing this PUBG Mobile game.

8. Once installed properly. It’s good if gamers try what has been paired to support your game play.

Well, therefore, to try the function of the volume buttons to shoot. You can try it by playing the PUBG Mobile game for a few trials, or playing the training mode first.


if you still feel that the key you are pointing to still doesn’t feel right. Then you can change its location to your liking.

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Playing PUBG Mobile games will feel very fun if all gamers have the skills and techniques that are very supportive in the game. By using a variety of strategies that have been planned or without planning, you can give a real victory to be achieved in front of your eyes.

However, all that will not be achieved easily if only with a capital of courage. There must be a very precise tactic to be able to play the PUBG Mobile game with the aim of getting a maximum result, namely victory.

Using the volume button as a firing button when playing the PUBG Mobile game is a good strategy to increase the comfort of gamers when playing.

In addition to using the volume buttons as a substitute for the shooting function. There are also many other things that you can apply to make it easier when playing games with this kind of theme.

There are many reference guides that you can use to increase your knowledge in playing games. Therefore, you should not be lazy while playing the game.

Playing the game is also one way to hone brain skills. Therefore, sharpen all of your brains by playing games that require a mature technique and strategy to be able to achieve success.

Good luck and feel the excitement of using this button, all of you gemers.

image source: inwepo

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