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Powerful! 11 Ways to Overcome Genshin Impact Lag, Broken, low Fps

Genshin Impact is an RPG game that carries free to action where you will explore the map without any restrictions. Since the release of this game, there are many players who have been active until now, even this game is also multi-platform starting from Android, IOS and Windows. However, how to overcome Genshin Impact lag on certain devices is not easy.

Especially games Genshin Impact The lag on HP ram 2 GB is very reasonable, considering the ram needed for the stability of this game is recommended 4 GB for Android phones. But don’t worry about this problem, because it turns out that there are several solutions and anti-lag Genshin Impact applications that you can use for free.

10 Ways to Overcome Genshin Impact Lag

It’s really annoying when you’re playing a game and then suddenly lags. Moreover, this Genshin Impact mobile game does have a fairly large size compared to other games in general.

But it’s also natural because the genre of this game is RPG, which on average has a large size. Especially if Genshin Impact lags on 2 GB of RAM, only 4 GB if there are many applications that are multitasking also still lags.

To overcome Genshin Impact lag on android & ios, there are various ways you can do. Among them,

1. Uninstall Unnecessary Apps and Games

anti lag genshin impact app

How to overcome lag on Genshin Impact android is actually quite easy. Usually Android has more applications than IOS. This is sometimes not in accordance with the specifications of the mobile phone on the stretcher, for example, 2 GB of ram. Indeed, from the beginning there have been many Android default applications and sometimes you yourself don’t know what it’s good for.

For that, just uninstall applications that are not important on your phone. If the default application can’t be deleted, it can actually be disabled via the application settings menu.

2. Using Game Booster Mode

gems booster genshin impact

If on xiaomi and lenovo there is usually a built-in feature called a game booster. This will give game apps more priority and will hibernate all apps running in the background. With this default application, overcoming Genshin impact mobile lag is easier and without using third-party applications.

3. Using Swap Ram

play genshin impact on 2gb ram

If you want to be even more extreme you can do a ram swap that can change and add ram on your android. This method will be suitable for android phones with minimal ram, especially 2 GB and below and want to play Genshin Impact.

To use this method your android must be rooted, and use link2sd and just move the game to external memory. Next select swap ram.

This method can overcome the broken Genshin Impact android, but it is not recommended for beginners who do not understand the system. Because if you take a wrong step in the process of rooting your Android, you can bootloop and it can die completely.

more complete, you can read: How to Play Genshin Impact on HP Ram 2GB

4. Using Custom Rom Gaming

how to overcome lag genshin impact

if you want to use a custom gaming rom, you can use a rom that hasn’t been installed with GSI, or still a plain Android, so it’s lighter. To find a ready-made rom that has been ported to your type of phone, you can search for various custom roms in the community according to the type of your phone.

Please just search on Facebook or other forums. Oh yes, to use an Android custom rom you must also be rooted and have TWRP installed.

In principle, we will replace the android system with a system that is lighter than the default cellphone.

5. Stop All Active Applications

genshin impact broken

If indeed in your background there are many applications that are running, it’s better to just stop it first. You can stop it through the taskmanager or through the application settings. How to overcome this Genshin Impact Lag is the easiest.

You can also set it in the application section and just disable the ones that are not important.

6. Force Developer Options Settings

genshin impact force close

Do you know about android developer options? All androids have developer options. This is indeed for developers and developers only. If you want to activate it you can go to about phone and select the version of the launcher or kernel version used. Tap it 5 times and developer options will appear in settings.

Then just select the developer options, then enter the forced 4 x MSAA feature. Then activate it. This can overcome Genshin Impact lag.

7. Using Game Booster Apps

overcoming genshin impact lag

The best anti-lag Geshin impact application is one of these applications. The booster of this application can indeed smoothen the game, prioritizing internet signal and phone ram to pre-arranged applications.

This game booster app is perfect for phones that don’t have a booster app by default. In fact, this application has been downloaded by tens of thousands of Android users. This can be seen from the level and number of downloads in the playstore. The size of the application is also very small and will not drain your phone’s memory.

in addition to the booster application, you can also use the GFX tools Genshin Impact to deal with GI lag effectively

8. Adjust Graphic Settings

graphic settings

To set the Genshin Impact anti-lag config, you can use the settings below. Please match it.

  • Part FPS Fill only: 30
  • For Render Resolution choose: lowest
  • For Shadow Quality : Low
  • Part Visual Effectl : Low
  • Feature SFX Quality : Low
  • For Complete Settings : Lowest
  • Part Motion Blur : Open

For settings, please just set as above, I have tried the above settings and the results can be satisfactory and can overcome Genshin Impact lag on Android.

9. Using a Wifi Network

best network for genshin impact

Most online games will run smoother if you use a signal with a ping of around 90 and below, the rest will only lag and be more annoying. For that, just choose a network that can be more stable. For example using a wifi network.

wifi in general has a stable and fast connection. This of course will result in a ping that is always green and stable. Make sure you use quality and private wifi

10. Using Signal Booster

red connection genshin impact

There are many signal booster applications, you can look for them in the paystore. Or you can limit the network used by various applications running in the background of your android.

Try to check the security and data usage section in android settings. Any application that uses internet network permission. Please set it to a minimum and only important applications access the internet, this will speed up the ping of the connection from Genshin Impacet to the server.

By using this simple method, overcoming Genshin Impact lag can be easier, and even without additional applications.

11. Change a new cellphone

HP for Genshin Impact

Almost all of the lag genshin impact problems are located in specifications that are not capable of playing this game. Well, of course, the wisest and most effective solution to overcome genshin impact lag is to upgrade your HP to a higher spec

Prepare a budget of about 2 million, you can already buy some HP with enough specs to play Genshin Impact. Especially nowadays, to get a 4GB HP ram with a budget of 2 million is more than enough

The final word

The way to overcome Genshin Impact lag is indeed more and most of the options above we have tried and we maximized on Android which even has 2 GB and 1 GB ram. If for a cellphone that is too low, it is not optimal, especially for 1 GB of ram, the Genshin Impact game only has ram allocated and the cellphone can heat up quickly.

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