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Lucky Spin Diamond FF 99,999 Free 2022 Latest

Free FF diamond spins are sought after by FF players, especially those who want to get Free FF diamonds and other prizes for free. In fact, previously they had to top up or issue diamonds if they wanted to get items in the game.

By using lucky spin Free Fire, you will depend on luck. If you are lucky, you can get the main prize, usually a large number of diamonds. Here you see how to spin diamond FF and other ins and outs.

What is FF Free Diamond Spin?

lucky spin ff

Actually, what is Free Fire’s lucky spin? If translated into Indonesian, it can be interpreted as turning or turning. But in this context, spin is turning the wheel (circle) to get certain prizes, in this case diamonds and other items in Free Fire.

Interestingly, Garena’s Free Fire spins are free, you just need to spin to get certain prizes. This is very useful, especially for FF players who want to get diamonds and other items for free.

As we all know, diamonds are the most important currency in Free Fire. With it, players can buy in-game items, such as skins, characters, crate bundles, elite passes and so on.

Unfortunately, the price of FF diamonds, which tends to be expensive, makes the majority of players unable to buy them. Even though Garena sometimes holds events with lots of diamond prizes, there are still not many.

For this reason, many FF players try the Free Fire diamond spin APK for free in the hope of getting lots of diamonds and other items for free. Suitable for those who have no gaming budget at all.

Advantages of Spin Diamond Free Fire

99999 diamonds

The main advantage of using spin diamond is the free price, users don’t have to pay or subscribe at all. One of the Garena Free Fire spin sites that is most widely used by FF players is

There players can spin repeatedly without paying a dime to get the prizes they want. If you can’t, you can repeat it until you’re tired to get the grand prize, usually in the form of diamonds in large quantities.

Some of the prizes that are available and maybe you can get after doing a free FF diamond spin are as follows:

  1. Diamonds 9999
  2. Weapon skin shotgun
  3. Weapon skin trial
  4. Megalodon Scar Skin Weapon
  5. clothes skins
  6. parachute skin
  7. hat skins
  8. Sakura Swordsman Bundle
  9. And other attractive prizes.

Some of the items above include premium items, with extraordinary effects when used in battle. Have all the items above, and you can win the match in all modes easily.

Imagine if you had to top up to get all the items above, it would run out up to millions of rupiah. At least, by doing the spin, you don’t need to top up at all but can still compete with other pay-to-play players.

Free FF Diamond Spin Tutorial

Another Diamond FF tutorial…

How to spin on the site is very easy, you can access this site via a browser, either from a cellphone or PC. Previously, make sure the device you are using is connected to a stable internet, so that the spin process runs smoothly and the prizes can be distributed without problems.

If so, here you can learn the free FF diamond spin tutorial on the site:

  1. Open the browser you usually use and then visit the site
  2. After entering the site, just click Start Spin.
  3. Then the spin wheel will spin, wait for the results to appear.
  4. After stopping, you can see what gifts you received.
  5. If you want other prizes, keep spinning until you get the main prize, which is 9999 diamonds.
  6. If you are lucky, diamond 99999 can be obtained in just a few rounds.
  7. If you like the spin prize that you get, then you can click Download Now.
  8. Then log in to your Free Fire account, you can use Facebook or VK.
  9. Then follow the instructions from the site to the end until you can get a free spin prize.
  10. Done, check your Free Fire account, and see if diamonds and other items actually enter it.

Conclusion Spin Diamond Free Fire

Many players are curious and ask, can using spin diamond FF really give diamonds and other items? Based on the research you have done, there is no definite answer to this.

However, one thing that is certain is that this FF diamond spin is completely not safe. Garena as a Free Fire developer doesn’t recommend it at all.

In addition, the risk is also great, because you could lose your favorite Free Fire account. Not only that, worst of all, someone can take over your FB and VK accounts.

Alternative Spin Method

lucky spin ff

Instead of using illegal methods, you can take part in the spin event held by Garena. It’s not free, but the prizes are worth it.

To take part in this event, you do have to pay for diamonds before spinning. Usually, enough with 50 diamonds, you can follow the spin with prizes that are many times better.

If you are very lucky, you may get the main prize, which when compared to 50 diamonds, the price is much higher. So, before that, you have to collect a lot of diamonds first, so you can participate in the spin many times.

The way to get legal free FF diamonds can be by entering the redeem code, participating in FF tournaments and participating in the give away.

Free spin diamond FF is fun, unfortunately this method is not safe and is not recommended. Use the legal way to get free FF diamonds, the easiest is to enter the redeem code.

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