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Diamond FF Free 10000 Latest & Most Wanted APK

Do you like playing Free Fire but don’t have the funds to top up diamonds? Maybe you can try using free diamond FF 10000 APK. That said, this application can give you diamonds in large quantities, to be precise 10000 diamonds.

Free FF diamond applications are often sought after by Free Fire players, especially those who are free players. The price of FF diamonds is not cheap, so they choose to use shortcuts. However, is this kind of application safe? Check out the review below to find out more.

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What is Diamond FF Free 10000 APK?

So, what does the original Free Fire 10000 APK diamond mean? The purpose of this application is an application developed by a third party, which is said to be able to give users a large number of diamonds, 10000 diamonds to be exact.

Diamonds are indeed an important currency in the Free Fire game, which can be used for many useful things. With diamonds, you can buy premium bundles, weapon skins, spin god items, unlock elite passes and much more.

The point is, with a lot of diamond sources, it will be easier for you to become good at the Free Fire game. The items mentioned above will indeed give you a lot of advantages, especially when engaging in battle.

Using the latest Free Fire 10000 APK diamond is indeed an option for free to play players, aka free. Many FF players are free to play, usually those who are still immature and have their own budget to play games.

Indeed, when compared to other games, the price of diamonds in FF tends to be cheaper. Moreover, if you buy it when the discount is held, the price can drop drastically.

However, whose name does not have money what else. So it is very natural that many FF players choose a shortcut by using the free 10000 APK FF diamond.

Advantages of Using Diamond FF Free 10000 APK

99999 diamonds

The main advantage or advantage that this application offers to its users is the large number of diamonds, reaching 10000. All of them are free and you can use them without having to pay a penny.

This is very profitable and certainly allows you to save money. For information, the price of 140 diamonds is already Rp. 20,000, so imagine how much money you should spend to buy 10000 diamonds.

With that many diamonds, you are free to do anything to support the gameplay to become good at Free Fire. You can use these diamonds to buy some premium items in the game, such as:

  • Character
  • Weapon skins
  • Crate loot
  • Elite pass
  • Gatcha/spin

You can get all the advantages above just by installing the 1000 free FF diamonds APK. Related to the download link and how to install it can be seen in the next subtitle.

Download Diamond FF Free 10000 APK

Before using the Free Fire 10000 APK diamond application, first understand what the features are in it, namely:

  • There are two languages ​​of instruction, Indonesian and English.
  • Diamond 10000 (ready to use).
  • There are easy tips and tricks to get Booyah!
  • You don’t have to root the device, it can be installed on a rooted/non-rooted device.
  • The application will not burden the smartphone, only 57 MB in size.
  • It is compatible with the last patch that Garena used.
  • Skins and characters are already unlocked.

The following information and system requirements of this application:

Name ApplicationDiamond FF APKs
VersionNew version
App Size57 MB
Android OSAndroid 4.1 +
Download LinkDownload

How to install

How to install diamond FF 10000 APK Mod is different from other applications in general. This is because the application is not yet available on Google Play. This application is also considered illegal, so it takes a special trick to be installed on your device.

Because it is not available on Google Play, you can download this application from the link above. For more details, just follow the tutorial below so that the installation process is successful:

  • Download the application directly from the link in the table above.
  • Wait a few minutes, sooner or later depending on the internet connection you are using.
  • While waiting for the download to complete, open Settings on your smartphone, go to the Privacy and Security menu and then tick the Unknown source section.
  • The trick above allows you to install apps from outside official sources, like this one.
  • Once the download is complete, go to the Downloads folder and look for the APK file.
  • Once found, click on the APK file to install it.
  • Then wait for the installation process to finish until the application is installed on the smartphone.
  • Done, now open the application and enjoy its various very useful features.

Conclusion Diamond FF Free 10000 APK

Unfortunately, using this kind of application is considered illegal by Garena. They do not advise players to use cheat applications, which are no joke.

Garena’s party might punish the perpetrators by blocking their FF accounts. So they can’t play again with that account.

Worse, the risk of your account being stolen is also very large. This application is indeed developed by a third party, so the risk of data misuse is very large.

With all the risks like this, it’s better not to use the application, aka I don’t recommend it. Maybe if only for a trial with a side account is still allowed.

Alternative Ways to Get FF Diamonds

Instead of using illegal methods, you can try to get free diamonds in a legal way. Some of them are :

  • Free Fire’s official redeem code.
  • Participate in FF tournaments with diamond prizes.
  • Join the give away that is often done by Youtubers.
  • Buy diamonds during promos to reduce prices.

Diamond FF free 10000 APK may indeed be able to give you 10000 free diamonds. Unfortunately, the risk that lurks is very big, besides being blocked by Garena, your FF account can also be stolen.

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