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Hundreds of PUBG Mobile Player Accounts & Devices Get Banned Again!

Don’t ever do this spinners if you don’t want your PUBG Mobile account or device to be banned by Krafton, what do you do? Listen carefully.

Did you know that there are more than 400,000 PUBG Mobile accounts and 5,000 devices that have been banned by Krafton because they did this, what was their mistake?

Their mistake was to cheat on PUBG Mobile which was detected by Ban Pan. And here is the latest report on Ban Pan PUBG Mobile 1 – 7 April 2022.

Every week Krafton routinely performs cleaning or eradicating cheaters from their flagship game, PUBG Mobile.

Where there are millions of accounts that are banned every week like the reports that PUBG Mobile regularly gives on their social media.

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PUBG Mobile Pan Ban Report

Activities to eradicate cheaters in PUBG Mobile The name is “Ban Pan” which Ban Pan reports on April 1-7 2022 that there have been more than 400 accounts and 5 thousand devices that have been banned.

And as usual the bronze rank is the rank that contributes the most PUBG Mobile cheaters compared to other ranks.

As for the cheats used, this time the Visual X-Ray Hack cheat is the cheat that most players do.

Here’s a list of cheats used and banned by Tencent!

  • 47%: Visual X-Ray
  • 23%: Auto Shot Hack
  • 7%: Unnatural Speed
  • 4%: Others
  • 19% Modified Damage Area

Hopefully with this PUBG Mobile could be one of the cleanest games aka anti-cheaters naughty in it!

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