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How to Top up Illegal Free Fire FF Free 2022

Garena Free Fire, a battle royale and FPS game that has attracted a lot of interest from gamers, especially in Indonesia. Many FF players spend money to get FF diamonds. In fact, there is an illegal FF diamond topup method that is claimed to be cheaper and even free. so that you can topup free fire at no cost, without credit, aka free

Diamonds in Free Fire are one of the most important currencies, next to gold or coins. The price which tends to be expensive makes the majority of FF unable to buy in large quantities. Therefore, maybe you can try the illegal Free Fire top up using the credit below.

Illegal Definition

is it illegal

Before we discuss further what is an Illegal Free Fire topup without credit, we will first discuss what is illegal. So illegal is a word to describe something that is prohibited by law or government.

If it is connected to the Free Fire diamond topup, it can be interpreted as an illegal FF diamond topup method, aka in an unofficial way. Garena does not recommend this as it can present many risks.

This illegal topup is prohibited, because it does not require money, does not require credit to be able to get diamonds. Actually, at first you need money to topup free fire, but after that the money will return to your account

so the point is this is top up diamond free fire for free without money

What is Diamond Free Fire Top Up Illegal

topup diamond free fire illegal free

So, it can be concluded that the illegal Free Fire top up is get Free Fire diamonds in a prohibited way. Supposedly, the diamond top up method should be done in the way suggested by Garena, so that there will be no problems in the future.

That’s why it’s very mandatory to topup officially & legally

Top up diamond FF itself can be done directly through the game. Usually using methods such as bank transfers, using digital wallets and the like.

In addition, legal diamond top ups can also be done on various platforms that have collaborated with Garena, or those who open diamond top up services. Some legal Free Fire diamond top up places are:

  1. Codashop
  2. UniPin
  3. my item
  4. Tokopedia
  5. OpenStore
  6. Alfamart/Indomart and so on.

There are even several sites that serve the purchase of FF diamonds using pulses from all operators, such as Indosat, Telkomsel, XL, Axis and so on.

Even though there are platforms that sell FF diamonds at low prices complete with bonuses and discounts, there are still many FF players who can’t afford it. Therefore, the illegal FF diamond topup method is an option.

How to Topup Free Fire Illegal

top up ff illegal

Actually, how does the illegal FF diamond top up work? The purpose of this illegal FF diamond top up is like you buy diamonds like usual. But when you pay (check out), you will get your money back but the diamond was successfully obtained.

You could say, this method is one way to get free FF diamonds. Not surprisingly, many FF players are willing to take the risk of doing this illegal FF diamond topup method.

How to Get Other FF Diamonds…

1. Ingredients for FF illegal Topup

Before doing an illegal Free Fire diamond top up, there are several things you must prepare. You can see these things below:

  1. Free Fire Account (FF)
    First you have to set up a FF account first. If you are not sure about this method, then you can try it using a second or side FF account.
  2. Google Play Card USD
    You must have a Google Play Card containing a balance in US currency or USD. It’s up to you how much you want to top up, the important thing is the curency is USD and open IDR or Rupiah.
  3. VPN with US settings
    If you don’t have one, you can download the VPN application on Google Play. If so, activate it and set the location in the US or America.
  4. Gmail Account
    At least you must have a Gmail account, at least 3 months old. If it is less than 3 months, this illegal FF diamond topup method cannot be continued.

If the materials have been prepared, here is the tutorial

2. How to Topup Diamond FF is illegal

Here’s how to top up illegal Free Fire using credit:

  1. Go to Google Play, login using account old gmail on.
  2. Next go to account settings > select Payment method.
  3. Next add payment method use pulse.
  4. If you have, now open a browser and visit
  5. After logging into the website, click the three dots >select address.
  6. Then add new address (delete the Indonesian address if it already exists).
  7. Next, fill in the new address with format as below this :
    Country: United States (US), Name: Your Name, Address 1: Houston, Address 2: Clear, City: Houston, State: Alaska, Postal Code: 99567
  8. If so, now open application management on mobilethen clear Google Play data.
  9. Next open Google Playgo to Menu then click Exchange.
  10. Now enter Google Play Card USD vouchers previously prepared.
  11. If successful, now your balance is containingaccording to the nominal you have purchased.
  12. Then enter Free Fire, then buy diamonds using Google Play Card.
  13. Next the diamond will increase, after that you enter the browser then visit
  14. After being in the latest FF diamond ordering History, click the three dots and select Report a Problem.
  15. Next explain your problemthat you have purchased a diamond but did not receive it.
  16. Wait about 2 minutes, and they will return Google Play Card balance you.
  17. You can do this up to 6 timesit is very good to get a large number of FF diamonds.

Illegal Topup Problems & Risks

the risk of illegal ff topup

Then, is FF’s illegal top up safe? Well, since it’s illegal, there must be risks that come with it. Besides that, if you pay attention, this is the same as deceiving Google Play

of course this way not me recommend for you. It’s better for you to top up officially at the Cheapest Free Fire topup

The point is, do it this way if you are ready with all the risks in the future. If you are not ready, it’s better to top up in a legal way.

The illegal way to top up FF diamonds can be done when you want to top up diamonds at an easy price. Only with a small amount of capital, you can get large amounts of FF diamonds.

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