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How to Set XIAOMI HP Sensitivity on Free Fire

It’s undeniable that this Xiaomi brand cellphone has always been a mainstay of the Indonesian people for HP’s performance in the lower middle class. This is because the performance obtained is proportional to the money spent. Lots of users Xiaomi who use it to play games like this free fire

Because there are so many Xiaomi users, I decided to make FF sensitivity settings for xiaomi cellphones. The aim is none other than to help you increase your skills and comfort, so that when you meet an enemy it’s easy to headshot and easy to booyah

XIAOMI HP Free Fire Sensitivity Settings

the use of this setting is quite extensive, want Xiaomi redmi 5a, 6a, 7a, 8a, 9a, note 5 Pro, note 5, 4x etc. If you use a Xiaomi cellphone, most of it will match this setting. depending on your taste settings too. Anyway, keep reading this article yaa

A. Settings Control

This control setting is useful for convenience and helps you when the Free fire game starts.

The most importantthe aiming precision is set by default because if ‘only scope’ and ‘full control’ it will be difficult to auto headshot

for ‘shoot button on left’ it doesn’t have to be, depending on taste please choose which one you prefer.

The rest you can follow the control settings in the picture above

B. HUD settings

to be able to setting the HUD, go to the Settings – Control – Custom HUD. Now in this section there are special settings so that your playing performance can be better

  • 6 inch screen – 72% size setting
  • 5.8 inch screen – 62% size setting

This is also related to the comfort that is generated when using this setting. Now then go to the FF sensitivity setting section for Xiaomi cellphones

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Free Fire FDW Sensitivity Settings

Latest & Original Free Fire BNL Sensitivity Settings

C. Sensitivity Settings

  • look around : 48
  • Red Dot Sight : 80
  • 2x scope : 51
  • 4x scope : 29
  • AWM scope : 8

You can see and examples of these settings. This sensitivity setting is quite comfortable when used on your xiaomi cellphone or other cellphones too.

D. DPI settings

latest xiaomi sensitivity settings

In order for the sensitivity of the xiaomi to be more stable, here are the DPI settings for the xiaomi cellphone

  1. Entered into Settings phone > click additional settings
  2. select developer options > scroll & search options smallest width
  3. then change to 492

With lots and lots of practice, you will quickly adapt / adjust to the xiaomi’s Sensitivity settings.

so that your skills will increase further as you memorize and understand the sensitivity you are using

as an addition & source, here is a video that shows him the results of Booyah playing Free fire with the sensitivity setting of the Xiaomi cellphone

The final word

That’s the sensitivity settings for Xiaomi redmi 5a, 6a, 7a, 8a, 9a, note 5 Pro, note 5, 4x etc., the latest that you can copy. My advice, practice a lot because that’s what has a bigger impact on your skills.

Sensitivity setting is also important, but its nature is to help your skills

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