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How to Play Multiplayer GTA SA PS2 Easy no Complicated

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is the third GTA video game series developed by Rockstar North and released by Rockstar Games. This game was released through several platforms, from the PlayStation console, XBox, Windows, to the smartphone version that can be purchased at the application store. This game is generally played privately or solo, but actually this game can be played with other people.

But in fact, many people don’t know that this game can be played online multiplayer. Here will tell you how to play multiplayer GTA SA PS2, so you won’t be lonely when playing games and add to the excitement of the game.

How to Play Multiplayer GTA SA PS2

To play Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, you don’t need to use the gta sa player 2 cheat, in other words, you can play GTA San Andreas without MOD. You only need to have the GTA San Andreas game on the PlayStation 2 platform version. Once you have it, you just have to follow the steps that will be given in this article. Make sure you follow and read each step carefully.

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The following steps are super easy:

In Game Early GTA San Andreas

  1. As usual when you first enter the GTA San Andreas game, you will be placed in a very iconic location, namely a narrow alley with a bicycle that CJ can use to perform various actions in the Fiction Country of San Andreas.
  2. Here you still can’t do multiplayer games, all you have to do is explore the map and go to a certain location.
  3. The location is marked with a red check point, it is small in shape, located on the street, and has an illustration of 2 people turning around.

The details of the location are below:

1. Los Santos Idlewood Map

This map is located in Los Santos, precisely in the middle of an old building. Here you will find how to play multiplayer GTA SA PS2. Your partner can be an entertainer, a gangstar, a policeman, or an ordinary citizen.

Los Santos Idlewood Map GTA SA PS2

2. Map of Los Santos Dilimore

A symbol of how to play multiplayer GTA SA PS2 is in front of a shop. Here your friend will be a policeman, or an ordinary citizen.

Los Santos Dilimore Map GTA SA PS2

3. Map of San Fierro King’s

Here you will find a red sign for the GTA SA PS2 multiplayer symbol in a car park. The character that your friends will play has four options, namely an entertainer, a commoner, a firefighter, and a gangstar member.

Map San Fierro King's GTA SA PS2

4. Map of Las Venturas El Quebrados

The red check point is in the desert area, to be precise, it’s a cowboy-style bar (let’s call it) so called the LOUNGE. Here the second character can act as a police officer or a civilian.

Map Las Venturas El Quebrados GTA SA PS2

5. Map of Las Venturas Royal Cassino

In a Cassino you will find red marks on how to play multiplayer GTA SA PS2, and the characters that your new friends can choose are entertainers, artists, firefighters, health workers, and residents.

Map Las Venturas Royal Cassino GTA SA PS2

After finding the check point as below you just have to get closer to the logo. Then you will be given instructions to select a character using the , → buttons. If you have determined what character you will play, press tmbo X to select the character. Make sure to use the 2nd controller to perform all character selection commands.

Checkpoint Multiplayer GTA SA PS2

You can walk or use certain vehicles to find the logo for how to play multiplayer GTA SA PS2. By playing multiplayer you can complete 2 player missions in GTA SA. In addition, you can also kiss the second character by standing next to it and then pressing the L1 button.

The steps are very easy, you just need to find a red check point, and follow the instructions above, of course you won’t find it difficult, especially for those of you who already know the GTA SA PS2 map. Hopefully you guys are helped and don’t feel bored anymore because there will be friends, siblings, or girlfriends who will accompany you to play the PS2 version of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

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