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How to Play Free Fire With Keyboard and Mouse on HP

There are lots of tricks that you can use to play free fire. Of course a good trick will bring you to booyah or victory in the free fire game. One trick that is quite recommended for you to try is to play Free fire with a keyboard and mouse on your cellphone

In free fire itself, we often have to have control that is limited to using our fingers. so that we become less agile and agile in movement / mobility in free fire

Sometimes we also want to play Free Fire on a laptop, right? but sometimes our laptops unfortunately don’t meet the minimum specifications for playing Free fire on laptops.

For those of you who want to play free fire with control and freedom, without using a laptop too, you can play on your cellphone with a mouse and keyboard

How to Play FF ​​with Keyboard and Mouse on HP

So, to help you guys, improve your playing skills. you can use keyboard and mouse to play free fire on android. This time Segitekno I want to share with you how. Check out the following explanation

Advantages of Playing with Keyboard and Mouse

  • This trick is safe and legal
  • Increase your skills
  • More flexibility to control
  • Become more agile
  • undisturbed view of the hand
  • Does not drain HP batteries because this keyboard and mouse use their own batteries

this tutorial for playing Free fire with Keyboard and Mouse without ROOT, so all cellphones can

1. Prepare OTG, Keyboard & Mouse

Logitech MK220 Wireless Mouse and Keyboard Combo - Computer ...

Playing free fire with this trick also requires capital. Here are the tools and materials you should use

  • OTG Cable
  • Wireless Mouse & Keyboard

Well here I present the most economical tutorial in my opinion. if you use a converter the price will be more expensive. Now, you have to buy a mouse and keyboard that are packaged and connected to 1 receiver. for example as above

Price of wireless mouse and keyboard: Rp.80,000 – 200,000 depending on the quality

2. Attach to HP

connect keyboard to phone

Next, you attach the keyboard and mouse receiver, to the OTG cable, then the OTG cable is attached to your cellphone

Now at this stage the mouse and keyboard are connected to your cellphone. Next we just need to set the configuration so that it can be played on Free fire

3. Setting Mouse & Keyboard with Octopus

To be able to play in free fire with a keyboard and mouse, you need an application called Octopus. Please download.

They say that there are some Octopus applications that don’t support some cellphones, so please borrow your friend’s mouse and keyboard and then check first.

if you have downloaded octopus, proceed to the steps

  1. you enter the application, then allow. After that, first make sure that the mouse and keyboard are connected to the cellphone. Is there a notification on the Octopus?
  2. After that you can enter to the free fire game that is in the octopus application.
  3. Login using your account. Now if you can’t login / type, the solution is to press the octopus icon on the side of the screen, then change to gamepad mode
  4. After you can enter, you click the octopus icon again, then select keyboard mode
  5. So, in this way, you can play Free fire directly with the keyboard. As for the control settings, this Octopus already has the settings, so you can start playing right away
  6. If you don’t like the buttons, you can change them at SettingsControl custom HUD. Then adjust to your taste

4. Ready to Play FF

Now in this step you can already play free fire with a keyboard and mouse. By playing using this trick, you will be more flexible in control, and will be more agile in mobility and war

Of course, for those of you who are PC gamers, this tutorial will be very helpful. Because sometimes there are things that are stiff when playing games on cellphones and tend to be better when playing with a keyboard and mouse

of course you can use various difficult tricks in Free fire

Still confused?

Please watch so you understand better. Actually this tutorial is simple, so without a supporting video I’m sure you can already successfully play free fire with this keyboard and mouse

The final word

So that’s how to play FF ​​with a keyboard and mouse on a cellphone without root without all kinds of things. basically just plug it in, downlaod octopus, play gass. I hope you guys are helped by the tutorial above

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