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How to Overcome Old Rendering aka Porridge Building in PUBG Mobile

For those of you who feel that when you get off the plane you experience building problems such as agar, porridge or strange shapes, well that’s perfect because I will discuss how to overcome them.

So this old rendering problem in PUBG Mobile usually occurs on potato phones with 1GB or 2GB RAM. But not infrequently a cellphone with 3GB or even 4GB of ram can feel this.

So the old rendering problem in PUBG Mobile can indeed happen on any cellphone, and this rendering is certainly very annoying. In addition to the irregular shape of the building, we will also find it difficult to loot because the weapons are invisible

Just try to imagine if you were rendering the old one when you came down on the roof of the Sanhok bootcamp map. Wow, the auto lobby first

How to Make Old Renders on PUBG Mobile Fast

So how to get around building agar, mush etc (aka old rendering)?

the answer is to use the GFX Tools application, that’s right, one of the best PUBG anti-lag applications

GFX Tools are set in such a way that the old rendering effect will be lost. so you’ll be fine if you get off the plane

Side effects: if you use this method, maybe you will experience PUBG drop fps, sometimes lag or other things. But there’s no harm in trying right

1. Setting Rendering in Settings

The first thing you have to do is set up Force GPU Rendering by going to developer options. Well, here’s how

  • Go to Settings
  • Choose About Phone or about phone
  • Scroll down until you find an option Build number or Build number. some cellphones like xiaomi are sometimes told to click on the miui version
  • Click the build number / build number 8x – 10x
  • So now you click return
  • then go to developer options or developer choice
  • scroll down and activate the option “Force GPU Rendering
  • After that restart your HP

Note: The way to enter developer options is sometimes different for each type of cellphone (sometimes different languages, different buttons, etc.), but more or less the same as I explained above.

2. Download the Application to overcome Old Rendering

Now to overcome the old rendering, in this way we have to use its twin from GLtools PUBGM, namely the Pub GFX Tools application, please download here

InfoPUB GFX Tool
Android VersionMinimum 4.3
Rating4.4 stars
DeveloperTrilokia inc.

Of course, you don’t have to wait a long time because the application size is small so it can be downloaded quickly. so what’s the next step?

3. Setting GFX Smooth Rendering

old pubg rendering

so then we first set in this application. what needs to be changed? How to?

  • Entered into Pub Gfx Tool
  • Click skip and allow if there is a permit application
  • scroll a bit, then Enable Options simple shaders
  • click apply in the top right corner
  • then click Run Games

Now, it will automatically start the PUBG Mobile game.

After this you test first how the effect is whether it works or not. but I’m sure it will work, especially on potato HP. If it doesn’t work, it can definitely reduce the old rendering so it’s faster

you can try it out in Georgopol because there are so many buildings

okay, that’s all the tutorial on how to deal with old rendering on PUBG mobile

so does this method work? don’t forget to comment

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