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How to Install the Latest No Lag Free Fire (FF) Config

To overcome lag in free fire is actually quite easy, you just need to use a good connection and upgrade to better HP specs. But, yes, it’s that easy, did money suddenly come?, So as an alternative, you can use the latest FF no Lag config, which I will discuss here

Free fire is a light game, but sometimes on some cellphones, the lag is still felt, both mild and severe

I’ve discussed there are more than 20 effective ways to overcome lag in Free fire, there you can also use ways to overcome annoying lags during matches.

In this article, we will focus on discussing the Free fire config to overcome the lag on your cellphone

Latest Free Fire Fix Lag Config

This free fire config serves to simplify and lighten free fire games.

Here are some features of the Free Fire Config that I will share

  • Overcoming Lag & Broken Breaks
  • Eliminate useless Sounds
  • Ram 1GB & 2GB Can Run Smoothly
  • Speed ​​up Loby up to a few seconds
  • Overcoming Force Close
  • Compress Small File Size
  • Eliminate Weapon Bugs
  • Support All Android versions
  • More efficient battery
  • Safe From Banned
  • Ultra Graphics Support

with some of the features above, of course playing free fire games will be lighter, smoother and safer for your potato cellphone, because the burden of torture is reduced hehe

so how to use it?

1. Download Config & ZArchiver

So, before going into the steps, we first download the config and also Zarchiver to extract the results of the downlaod config.

the link above is without safelink, so just download it right away. if the link dies, please comment

oh yeah, you can also use the Anti Lag Application for FF, but if you want the config, here’s the tutorial

2. Delete Free Fire data folder

latest free fire config

  1. Go to ZArchiver, then click Android
  2. Continue to Data
  3. Then file com.dts.freefireth please delete the folder. how to click and hold, then there will be several options, then you delete

take it easy, the data is still safe. move on to the next step

3. Extract & Paste the Config

config ff fix the latest lag
  1. Go to the download folder / where you put the download earlier. then click and hold config Latest Free Fire Lag Fix(Vskin) then click extract
  2. Go to folder extract result
  3. then you click and hold com.dts.freefireth
  4. then you cut just
  5. click Device Memory
  6. Entered into Android
  7. Go to folder data
  8. then paste here

until here it’s done

A few tips: if you feel it doesn’t work, you can try using the same config Latest Free Fire Lag Fix(Vbot) the vbot yaa

a little review for this config, namely this config was made by youtuber Mirza ID who are already good at making config. so because this config reduces lag significantly, to play barbaric and fast games, it will feel smooth

besides this config also speeds up the lobby. so this config is very multifunctional, right?

Well, when it’s working, don’t forget to comment, guys

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