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How to get out of the PUBG Mobile Crew easily

how to get out of pubg crew – PUBG Mobile is one of the most popular games for battle royale game lovers. With a charming graphic mode, this game made by Tencent is the strongest competitor for the free fire game, which is currently the top battle royale game in Indonesia.

The advantages of PUBG Mobile are on the graphic side, with cool graphics that can make users who play it have a very impressive experience when playing this game.

While playing the game PUBG Mobile Of course, you will play it online with other friends, whether friends are selected automatically or have created their own group. if you have played on the field, you are required to have high skills to face heavy and many opponents. otherwise you will lose.

Not only that, the cohesiveness of the team is another important thing that must be maintained during the match. if you are not ready, you will also lose against another team that is more solid than your team.

How to Get Out of PUBG Mobile Crew Easily
Exit PUBG MObile Crew

Trivial things in the team that must be avoided in playing PUBG Mobile, one of which is walking alone or not with one goal of looking for enemies to win. If all the players in this team scatter separately without a goal, it is certain that the team will lose the game.

In a situation like this, if you experience it, you can leave the PUBG Mobile crew. remember leaving this crew is an option that can avoid any dissonance in a team that ends up losing.

You can try to get out of the PUBG Mobile crew in this way.

How to Quit the PUBG Mobile Crew

  1. First, you can enter the crew list which contains a list of players who will compete.
  2. then you can choose or click your own name.
  3. after that the option will appear for Leave Crew like the picture above.

Now that’s how to leave or leave the Crew in the PUBG Mobile game, this information is very useful for new players playing PUBG Mobile.

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