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How to get Iconic Kaka PES 2022 Mobile

Ricardo Izecson dos Santos Leite or more familiarly called Kaka is a superstar footballer who was born in Brasilia, April 22, 1982. Kaka first started his career in the Sao Paulo FC team. New in 2003 Kaka entered AC Milan. Kaka is known to have good dribbling skills and accurate passing. It’s no wonder that his ability was appreciated by the football simulation genre game released by KONAMI, by making him a special Iconic Moment card. This card is special because of how difficult it is to get it. But don’t worry, will tell you how to get the iconic Kaka PES Mobile.

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How to Get Iconic Kaka PES Mobile

UI Draw Iconic Kaka Moment

Kaka's Appearance in the PES Mobile Game

The Iconic Moment card is indeed the most sought after by PES Mobile players because the player characters in the Iconic Moment category have qualified abilities. So that it can improve the quality of the team formed. In addition, the appearance of the card itself is also pleasing to the eye and looks exclusive. No wonder this card gets more attention.

One of the most sought-after Iconic Moment cards is Kaka. Unfortunately it’s the same as any other Iconic Moment card. How to get the iconic Kaka PES Mobile also hard. Sometimes you have to spend a lot of GP or Coint to draw this type of card. For this reason, will tell you an easy way that can be considered to increase the chance of getting an Iconic Moment card.

First you have to go to the menu to draw Iconic Moment cards. Those of you who often play this game, of course, already know where it is, right? That’s right to do drwa you have to go to the menu Contract > Agent > Special > Iconic Moment : Milano RN.

After opening the menu that has been described, you can immediately use the following trick:

  • Tap on Anderson’s avatar 2 times (Anderson > Back, Anderson > Back)
  • Then Tap on Fabinho’s avatar 2 times
  • Tap your sister’s avatar 2 times
  • Tap on Maldini’s avatar only once
  • Tap Inzaghi’s avatar 2 times
  • Check Kaka’s stats
  • Swipe and browse through Kaka’s four stats (Don’t take too long)
  • Then Sign and Pay draw fee

How to get the iconic Kaka PES Mobile what has been described usually requires at least two draws. But maybe you get the iconic Kaka in the first draw. In addition, if you don’t get on the second draw, don’t force your luck at that time. You can try it one day later.

All the steps that have been explained do not guarantee 100% of the acquisition of the Iconic Moment Kaka card. The tips already shared only increase the chances. After that luck remains the number one factor. Good luck and hopefully you can get the iconic Kaka PES Mobile.

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