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How to Get Free Fire Blooming Falco Pet Skin, Free!

Falco is one of the best pets in the Free Fire game that can make players land faster than other teams, because Folco has a skill ability (Skyline Spree) that can increase 45% glide speed during Skydrive and can increase 50% glide speed after opening the parachute.

In addition to useful skill abilities, Folco also has a cool appearance with many Skins that come in various types of appearance, one of which is the latest Folco Skin called Blooming which has a very cool and futuristic appearance.

Well, on this occasion UPOINT.ID wants to tell you several ways to get Blooming Folco Skin for free. Want to know how? Come on, just take a look at the following article reviews.

How to get the Blooming Falco Free Fire Pet Skin

1. Login Free Fire Game

Before getting the Blooming Falco Skin for free, you need to first login to the Free Fire game. Each player only has a relatively short time to get the Blooming Falco Skin for free, which is from April 20 to April 25, 2022.

To get the Blooming Falco Skin for free, of course you can’t miss the time limit.

2. Enter the Booyah Ramadhan Event Then Find the Mission to Defeat the Enemy

The way to get the next Blooming Falco Skin is to enter the Booyah Ramadhan event, then look for the Defeat the Enemy Mission to see the various types of attractive prizes that the event has offered to players, one of which is the Blooming Falco Skin prize.

In addition to the Blooming Falco Skin prize, you can also see other free gifts, such as Universal Fragments and Diamond Vouchers which you can later reuse to spin in the Lucky Royale feature.

3. Kill 15 Enemies

The way to get the next Blooming Falco Skin is to complete the mission by eliminating 15 enemies. Because, this mission is the main requirement for players who want to get a free Blooming Falco Skin prize.

If you manage to kill 15 enemies, you will automatically get the Blooming Falco Skin prize and various other attractive prizes for free.

4. Play Clash Squad Mode

We recommend playing in Clash Squad mode, so you can get the Blooming Falco Skin prize quickly. If you play Clash Squad mode, the game will feel faster, because Clash Squad mode has a smaller area than other FF game modes.

You can also use one of the strongest characters in the Free Fire Clash Squad mode to make it easier for you to kill many enemies. So you complete the mission very quickly.

5. Skin Blooming Falco Enter the Pet Feature

Before using the Blooming Falco Skin, you must enter the Pet feature first to find the Blooming Falco Skin. If you have entered the Pet feature, then the last way is to directly use the Blooming Falco Skin to support your game during the match.

Those are some ways you can do to get the Blooming Falco Skin for free. May be useful! Oh yes, if you want to top up Free Fire diamonds, you can top up Free Fire diamonds directly at UPOINT.ID.

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