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Here's How to Use Battle Emote Mobile Legend

how to use mobile legends battle emote – Mobile legends is a moba game that is quite popular and has a lot of users. But who would have thought that there are still many players who don’t know how to use the Battle emote mobile legends.

Actually, how to use it is quite easy to do, but if you have never used it, you will feel a bit confused.

Please note that some time ago Moonton presented the Battle emote mobile Legends feature that could be used to express conditions at playtime.

This one feature is certainly one of the interesting parts in Mobile Legends where players can express what they feel to other players when they are in the war area.

If you are curious about how to use the mobile legends battle emote, here is the review.

How to use Battle Emote Mobile Legends

The first step you have to do is make sure that you already have the Battle emote in the Mobile Legends game. But if you don’t have one, you can join the event with a Mobile Legends emote as a prize or you can buy it at the shop.

how to use mobile legends battle emote
Mobile Legends Games

After you already have it you can activate the Mobile Legends Battle emote to use. The method is quite easy, please open the menu preparation then select menu Battle emotes.

You will see a box where Kota Kemuning is the emote you have but the red box is a Mobile Legends Battle emote that can be used during battle.

After you choose what you want, make sure you know how to use it in battle. Using the Mobile Legends Battle emote in battle, you can choose the quick chat menu as usual.

What is it, select the Battle emote icon and a list of emojis that you have set before will appear. To be able to use it you just need to tap as desired.

Some of the methods above can be used to make your battles more exciting in the mobile legend game where giving a battle emote to your opponent will make the atmosphere more fun. By giving this Battle emote, it makes the players more active in communicating in the Mobile Legends game.

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