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Here's How to Play Mystic Messenger

How to Play Mystic Messenger – Game Mystic Messenger is a visual novel game by Cheritz. This game from South Korea is available in Korean, English, and Spanish.

To play this game you just need to follow a route or storyline. You will be given several options when interacting with the characters. The ending you get will be based on the choices you have made.

Game – it has an interesting selection of characters and storyline. Mystic Messenger is suitable to be played in spare time or just to kill boredom that hit.

How to Play Mystic Messenger
Mystic Messenger Games

If you are interested, then you can download this Mystic Messenger game at Play Store or the App Store.

How to Play Mystic Messenger

For those of you who are interested in playing Mystic Messenger but don’t know how to play it, here’s how to play Mystic Messenger:

1. Select Mode

In the original Mystic Messenger story, there are three game modes:

  • Casual Mode : The only open character routes are Yoosung, Jaehee, and Zen. You can play this mode for free when you start the game.
  • Deep Mode : You can get routes from character 707 as well as Jumin. To be able to open deep mode then you need 80 Hourglass.
  • Another Story : You can get the Ray and V character route. It takes 300 Hourglass to unlock V character and 250 Hourglass for Ray character, so you need a total of 550 Hourglass to unlock this mode.

2. Reply to Incoming Messages

Reply to incoming messages by choosing one of the answers provided. If you are late, then you can only read the message and can only reply if you pay using Hourglass

3. Pick Up Incoming Phone Calls

If a call comes in from a game character, then you have to pick it up. If it is not picked up then you must issue a number of Hourglass to call back the character.

4. Answer and Send Email

You can answer and send emails for Mystic Messenger characters. You can reply and send emails to plan upcoming parties.

5. Hearts Collection

Every time you interact with a character, you can get 1-2 hearts. You can also receive a heart break (reduced number of hearts) or receive nothing from the interactions you make.

Each character has their own heart color where hearts can be exchanged for Hourglass to unlock other game modes.

6. Ending

Every choice you make in this Mystic Messenger game will determine the ending you get. You can get a bad ending, normal ending, or good ending depending on how you play this game.

So many articles about how to play the Mystic Messenger game that we can convey. Hopefully with this article you can understand how to play the Mystic Messenger game.

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